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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Crazy Male Jogger Reportedly Assaulting Bike Riders On Roosevelt Island Bridge Walkway - Take A Bike Ride From Upper East Side To Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park And Upcoming Bike New York Roosevelt Island Events

Take a cool bicycle ride from the Upper East Side to Roosevelt Island via the FDR Promenade to the Queensboro Bridge, thru Long Island City, over the Roosevelt Island Bridge and then to Lighthouse Park.

But watch out for this.

According to a NYC District 5 See Click Fix report:

There's a crazy male jogger not staying on the right side, but purposely running on the left side of the RI Bridge (when ever he see's a biker), grabbing bikers and assaulting them if they don't stay off the walkway with their bikes. Whether their riding or walking with their bikes. This person looks (white, '5''10, 200 lbs.), and he does this around 8 or 9 in the morning. I have to get me a "gopro" camera to catch this person in action.
Image Of Roosevelt Island Pedestrian Walkway and Grated Bike Lane

This report is unconfirmed. The Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department is not aware of any such incidents.

Also, Bike New York's Roosevelt Island Community Outreach Manager Caitlin Goodspeed spoke during the October 1 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Session about upcoming Bike NY Roosevelt Island events including:
... a ride to the beautiful Astoria Park this Saturday at 11:30am! We'll have a picnic in the park (dessert provided by Bike New York) before making the 2.3 mile ride back to Roosevelt Island. It's our last Saturday ride in the Summer Ride Series so you won't want to miss out! Email me at to register for this free ride...
... We're still looking for volunteers to help us count commuters on Roosevelt Island this Monday (Oct. 6) from 6am - 10am! If you're free that morning and would like to help, please send me a message or email me asap at All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt, breakfast, and a big hug!
Here's what Ms. Goodspeed said

during the October 1 RIRA Public Session.


OldRossie said...

This is awesome. I love seeing these write-ups about island moms - a stubborn community of normal people functioning as a collective in spite of all of the other nonsense happening on island.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Walking a bike on the walkway is okay. Riding it, is not okay. I have a few "discussions" with some bicyclists there who give you the stupidest reasons why they wouldn't ride on the street: "do yo know what this grate will do to my tires?" or "I follow the spirit of the law", blah, blah. Listen, if you don't want to ride your bike on the grate over the bridge, fine. Just get off your bike and walk it if you want to use the walkway. Don't ride it and use the bell on pedestrians to make way for you.

Eva B. said...

Our next free Roosevelt Island Moms on the Move (RI MoM) walk and exercise is this Friday, October 10, starting at 9 AM at the Tram kiosk. See you there!