Monday, October 20, 2014

Memorial Service For Anna Maria Mostrom, Roosevelt Island Bicyclist Critically Injured In October 8 Collision With Red Bus, Held Last Saturday At Swedish Church

An update on Roosevelt Island resident Anna-Maria Mostrom, the bicyclist critically injured after October 8 collision with the Roosevelt Island Red Bus 

Lynn Strong-Shinozaki reports:

Anna-Maria Mostrom's Memorial Service was held Saturday October 18 at The Swedish Church 5 East 48th St. at 5 pm. The small Church was over flowing in her honor. The service was beautiful. I had the honor of speaking with her family who made the courageous decision to donate her organs. I hope this inspires more people to do the same. For anyone who wants to send their condolences to the family they will be able to do so through the Swedish Church.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen reported on October 15 that Roosevelt Island resident Anna Maria Mostrom died. According to Expressen (via Google Translate)
... Late on Tuesday evening local time died Anna-Maria Mostrom shortly after the respirator turned off. The father wrote in a text message to Expressen that Anna-Maria went off at 22:50 local time, ie 4:50 this morning Swedish time. The whole family, with mom, dad, sister, boyfriend and the next few friends were gathered and had quietly got to say goodbye.

She rescues five to six lives, writes Ronny Mostrom in SMS....
Click here for the full Expressen article (via Google Translate) and previous posts on this tragic accident.


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