Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Update On Roosevelt Island Resident Anna-Maria Mostrom - Bike Rider Critically Injured After Accident With Roosevelt Island Red Bus Last Week

Last Wednesday evening, October 8, I received this report from a Roosevelt Island resident:

Red bus hit a person (can't tell if pedestrian or bicyclist) just before Gristedes turn around. Road closed going north.
 Image From Kevin Deutsch Tweet

Tragically, 29 year old Anna-Maria Mostrom, a resident of the Octagon building, was hit by a Roosevelt Island Red Bus while she was riding a bicycle on Main Street near the Motorgate/Gristedes Turnaround at about about 9:20 PM.

... According to the NYPD, after hitting the Red Bus, the 29 year old bicyclist fell and hit her head on the pavement. She was not wearing a bike helmet.
The Swedish web site Expressen reported on October 13 (via Google Translate)
Swedish model Anna-Maria Mostrom, 29, is in a coma in a hospital in New York after being hit by a bus as she rode to home on Roosevelt Island.

The family has been forced to take the difficult decision to shut down all the systems that keep her alive for a few days.

It is not easy now. It's so unfair, says her dad Ronny Mostrom.

Anna-Maria Mostrom left home in Sweden for a life as a model across the Atlantic.

There, she lived her dream life and lived for two years in New York after setting up in the Swedish TV show Top Model in 2005 and 2006, she was now in its tenth year in the United States.

Last Wednesday evening met Anna-Maria Mostrom of a bus that made a hasty left turn.

Exactly what happened when the accident occurred is not clear, but Anna-Maria, who at the time was on her way home to the house on Roosevelt Island, between Manhattan and Queens, fell to the ground and hurt herself so badly that she ended up in a coma....
Expressen added on October 14:
... Their daughter is brain-dead and without the ventilator, the rest of her body would cease to function immediately. The doctors have tried, but her own breathing was like tiny sighs. Her parents has now met a medical team and decided to donate her organs.

Hopefully they can save up to 10 lives, Ronny Moström says.

Her friends visit her in her hospital bed, many want to say their goodbyes. The parents have decided that the ventilator will be shut down between 7pm and 10pm later today. Exactly how long time her body will be able to hold on after that is uncertain, it could be a matter of minutes....
My9NJ reported today:
... According to police, the bus was making a left turn when it struck her, causing her to fall off the bike. It has not been confirmed whether or not Mostrom swerved into the bus or the bus ran into her. The driver remained at the scene with Mostrom until emergency personnel arrived and is not facing charges in the accident...

Just a terrible tragedy.

More reaction from Roosevelt Island at this post.


CheshireKitty said...

Gothamist today: "Cycling Deaths Have Doubled Over Last Year In NYC". Read story of exploding numbers of tragic deaths here:

APS said...

This is an incredible tragedy. If the powers that be want to continue to promote cycling on the Island, they must do something about the buses. More often than not they are speeding and going thru signs. It's a boring drive and I can see how a driver would get complacent, but something must be done.