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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Roosevelt Island Women's Health Organization End Of Year Celebration & Seminar On December 17 - Relaxation And Wellness

The Roosevelt Island Women's Health Organization (RIWHO) sends the following invitation to women 18 years and older for its December 17 Monthly Seminar.


Frank Farance said...

RIOC/PSD Director Jack McManus presents bogus statistics on vertical patrols. According to him, there were 2311 vertical patrols in Island House so far in 2014, about 200/month, or about 7 per day. That number sounded very high, but McManus was firm about the several ways these patrols were recorded.

So I checked. In the month of November, there were 109 vertical patrols in Island House, and that number is high because it double counts incomplete vertical patrols. Even if the number were 100 (still high) that would give approximately 1100 vertical patrols year to date ... McManus's numbers are waaay of, at least by a factor of two.

Also McManus is unfamiliar with the contractual obligations on vertical patrols, based upon Public Safety Fees in the Island House Ground Lease with RIOC (similar provisions in other buildings' ground leases). Based McManus's explanation, it sounds like Island House is not getting what we've contracted for. For example, essentially, the officer must complete a walkthrough of all the floors, including observing every door and wall. It takes about 45 minutes to complete that task, a vertical patrol can't be completed in 15-20 minutes.

Of course, what stinks about presenting this in the RIRA Public Safety Committee is that you have the people connected to McManus, PSD, RIOC, etc. ready to discount, diminish, or block criticism.

Anyway, PSD stats are very wrong, and I sounds like they are wrong for other buildings too. RIOC/PSD stats need to be audited by an external third party who has no interest in boosting RIOC/PSD's numbers or shorting Island House on RIOC/PSD's contractual obligations.

Frank Farance

Tyler Cannon said...

cool, I'm famous!

OldRossie said...

You say you checked. Can you cite the source?

Frank Farance said...

Building records.

Bella Nicey said...

Paid Administrative Leave, please clarify the policy as several psd officers have been placed on "leave" for over a year. How many RIOC employees are currently collecting salaries and at what cost to the tax payers? RIOC needs to explain why,duration and course of action.

Frank Farance said...

Bella Nicey: The cost is primarily to the residents (not taxpayers) because RIOC is funded via our rents/maintenance, services RIOC charges (parking, Tram, etc.), and services we use (merchants' rents). RIOC is not funded via any of our City, State, or Federal taxes that we pay.

Tyler Cannon said...

cool, i'm famous!

RooseveltIslander said...

I don't know anything more about this. Can you or anyone else provide more information?

People Watcher said...

Anybody who knows Charlene Indelicate knows that she is a horrible person. She is an unhinged egomaniac who destroys anybody who disagrees with her or is cut from a different cloth. Indelicato has a history of discrimination. Look at this article and some of the comments, like the one from 11/17/2011.
She was run out of Westchester after she was exposed for the nasty and unethical person that she is. But it looks like her friend Larry Schwartz, Secretary to Governor Cuomo, decided to save her again and now the Indelicato discrimination is on Roosevelt Island.

RooseveltIslander said...

Please edit your comments to remove the personal attacks and just stick to the facts as you know them.

I don't allow anonymous personal attacks charging a named person with wrongdoing to remain so I deleted the above comment.

You can still post critical information about an official's performance but please do it in a way that is not a nasty personal attack, particularly if it is done anonymously.

People Watcher said...

I'm sorry if my first post offended anyone. The comments in the video are clearly about discrimination and Charlene Indelicato has a history of discrimination. Look at this article and the comments.

After her discriminatory behavior was exposed, Indelicato fled Westchester. But it looks like her friend Larry Schwartz, Secretary to Governor Cumo, decided to save her again, and now the discrimination is on Roosevelt Island.