Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sleep: From Newborn To Preschool Age Workshop Presented By Roosevelt Island Parents' Network March 1 - Please RSVP By February 27

Are you a Roosevelt Island parent with questions about your child's sleep? If yes, Roosevelt Island Parents' Network (RIPN) Coordinator Eva Bosbach invites you to a March 1 workshop on the subject.

According to the RIPN:
Join other Roosevelt Island parents in a safe, judgement-free environment to share your experience and learn what has worked for others. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Resnick, a 2nd year Pediatrics residents of the Children's Hospital of Montefiore.

Dr Resnick, born and raised on Roosevelt Island, looks forward to connecting with parents from the community. We welcome participants to submit questions ahead of time with RSVP.

Please RSVP by email no later than February 27.
Here's more on sleep issues for children from Montefiore Medical Center.


YetAnotherRIer said...

Ah, sleep. When we got our first child we didn't know how little sleep you, as a parent, get, and how little sleep some children actually need. We never forced our children to get a certain amount of sleep. We encouraged it but we never let them "cry it out" and what not.

Here is my personal opinion about this (I am not a doctor nor an "expert"): Most kids do not need to be taught how to sleep and how long to sleep, it is perfectly fine to just go along and let the child lead in this respect. Again, I said "most", not all. Most parents who decide to let their kids cry themselves to sleep do this mostly because they are either uninformed ("my mom said this", "but Dr. Phil said that", or "all my mommy friends suggested it") or reached the end of their own rope and cannot deal with all that night waking anymore.

SherieL said...

I'm afraid that "Roger", aka Romano Reid, has got his "facts" wrong. RIRA never "cherry picked" organizations to receive Public Purpose Funds". RIRA's PPF Committee, made up of your elected RIRA members, was given the portfolio by RIOC of organizations who had applied for funding from RIOC's $100K PP Fund. The Committee members then read through each applicant's paperwork, and then set up interviews with each organization's leadership to ask questions and carry on a conversation about how the funds would be spent and other more intricate questions, about which Reid, never having served on the Committee, knows nothing of the discussions. With very detailed, careful and caring interviews with the applicants, these RIRA PPF Committee members had to figure out just how to divide the small pot of money being offered, among the many needy groups whose services so many of the residents of the community use or participate in. Then RIRA would send its RECOMMENDATIONS to RIOC. RIOC could have nixed and changed RIRA's recommendations. It never did. RIOC figured, and rightly so, that the central organization in this community might know our fellows in the community better then they did, and that we could discern better then they could, who was doing what work and offering useful services for the community. RIOC personnel don't live here. RIOC personnel don't use the services offered by our community organizations. We RESIDENTS do. We residents should have a voice in this decision and RIRA was availed of that opportunity. Remember, Romano Reid never served on the RIRA Public Purpose Funds Committee. When the PPF Committee brought its recommendation to the RIRA Common Council for a vote to accept the committee's recommendations, Mr. Reid, when he'd served on the Common Council, never once voted against the Committee's recommendations to be sent to RIOC! Reid knows nothing of what he babbles on about.

Romano Reid said...

Hello Sherie-
FYI-- Allow me to correct you yet again. This is "Romano Reid". Since you have once again jumped out the window on making inflammatory accusations ,allow me to correct you once again.

For the record - I think you should check the minutes.I have never voted with the committee on any such thing. I have always felt that the entire process sould be handled by RIOC and RIOC only!

Secondly- since you have decided to return to RIRA YOU (Sherie) have sadly sabotaged everything that residents have worked so very hard to accomplish.

There would still be RIRA recommendations made to RIOC if it were not for YOU drafting fraudulent proposals in the name of RIRA. There would still be funds allocated to RIRA for voting machines ,if it were not for YOU unilaterily calling a meeting with RIOC's Ms.Indelicato trying to manipulate a state chartered agency into funding a 501(c)(4) Org i.e. RIRA !

So before you decide to place blame please do some self reflecting on the part you've played.

Romano Reid.