Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update On Roosevelt Island Trellis Diner Renovation, Construction Stopped Due To Unknown Structural Wall - Waiting For Approval To Start Again With Planned Space Age Design

Reported January 28 that Roosevelt Island residents are increasingly concerned:

... with what appears to be the Trellis Diner renovation work stopping....
and learned during January 29 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Real Estate Advisory Committee (full audio web cast) meeting that :
... Trellis renovation construction problems caused by discovery of unknown structural wall...
Image Of Roosevelt Island Trellis Diner Behind Plywood Construction Fencing Today

Today, owner Alex Razaghi provides this update on Roosevelt Island Trellis Diner renovations:
We had a large problem taking down a load bearing wall. It was unknown to all parties that the load bearing wall was in fact there. We discovered it during the demolition process. We hired a structural engineer to draw up plans for taking it down.

However once we handed in those plans, we were informed that we would have to pay for a structural engineer of Hudson Related’s choosing to draw up separate plans. Once he was finished we would have to pay for a structural engineer for the building to draw up separate plans as well. Once all these plans were finished we would have to study all the plans to see what everyone was more comfortable with. Once this process was completed we would have to go to RIOC for a final approval. This process would not only take too long but would also cost too much. It already derailed construction for more than a month.

With no end in sight we revised the original plans of the store, changing the layout drastically. With the new layout we will not be altering the load bearing wall. The new architectural plan was ready as of yesterday. We are ready and eager to proceed with construction again and are currently waiting on Hudson Related’s approval to start again.

Mr. Razaghi adds:
I always anticipated we would have some bumps along the way but I never figured they would take this much time or be this costly. I'm happy to report that the space aged design is still the same. Sadly when dealing with the issues we have, an estimated time frame is impossible. We don't even have permission to start work again yet. But when we do start again at some point I should have a time frame and I will be sure to share it at that point.
More from Mr. Razaghi on the past, present and future of Roosevelt Island at this previous post.


mjmnyc said...

We're sorry this has been such a hassle, but we're really glad Alex didn't give up on Trellis. Looking forward to the reopening!

Westviewer said...

Me, too! I miss Trellis.

CheshireKitty said...

Same here. I salute Kai and Alex for not giving up despite the bureaucratic hassles. They have a dream of a new "mind-blowing" Trellis and intend to see it through. I wish them luck. Having said that though, if there are further glitches with getting approvals, they may want to consider "compromising" at least somewhat on the design if that is what it will take to gain the approval of various agencies. I know the new design will result in a totally open/airy feel to the space - since the exterior is glass. If this is now considered a problem, they may want to consider a redesign of the exterior shell, retaining the interior redesign plan.