Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shooting At Roosevelt Island Roosevelt Landings Building Today -Victim Walks Into Public Safety Office After Being Shot In Stomach

A man walked into the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department (PSD) office this afternoon after being shot in the stomach at Roosevelt Landings. The PSD Officers called 911. An ambulance arrived to take victim to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Image Of NYPD Investigating Roosevelt Island Shooting Today

Detectives from the NYPD 114th precinct are currently investigating the shooting. 

More details when they become available.

UPDATE 9:50 PM - From the Twitterverse, NYPD on Main Street investigating the shooting.
UPDATE 4/26 - According to a NYPD Spokesperson, the shooting was caused by a drug deal for marijuana gone bad. Two Roosevelt Island residents were arrested early this morning for attempted murder, attempted robbery and criminal possession of a firearm among other charges.

UPDATE 4/29 - RIOC PSD Chief Jack McManus reports that the suspects arrest was a good collaboration between PSD and NYPD 114th Precinct. Once PSD received a description of the suspects, PSD was able to identify the suspects and provide information to NYPD who made the arrests.

Roosevelt Landings co-owner Joshua Eisenberg of Urban American adds:
This was an isolated incident and we are working closely with the NYPD, Public Safety and the District Attorney's Office to support them in their investigation.
There was a fight outside of Roosevelt Landings last night. According to the RIOC Public Safety Daily Incident Report:
04/28/15 - 1934 - 530 Main St - Assault - PSD, NYPD & EMS responded - Condition corrected.
An archive of the RIOC Daily Public Safety Incident Report is located on blog's sidebar.


IslandKrewe said...

A drug deal goes bad on RI and someone gets shot.. are we going to write this off as a couple of disgruntled tokers arguing over a joint? Guns and drugs coexist with hard core organized drug dealing.. and the neighbors know who the criminals are....Speak up and out the criminal elements.. Silence is not a solution..If we don't take responsibility for our neighborhood, it will fall apart. ..Dont look the other way..

Who are we protecting ? Speak up and root out the rot

KTG said...

its amazing to me there will be multiple threads related to and RIRA/RIOC topics. But this seems to get minimal reaction.

Clearly PSD and NYPD need to amp up policing a little bit more, but I would agree it takes help from neighborhood to help direct efforts.

mjmnyc said...

Does anyone know if the shooter was caught?

AshleyMcCormick said...

Roosevelt Landings has become the Island drug-dealing center en titre and no one seems to care. Eyes look the other way. Requests for intensified vertical patrolling get shrugged off. Meanwhile, the building is in bad shape, the 'gentlemen' involved in illegal trade gather up in front of the building (if they fight, tough luck on the window next to the nail salon), if it's cold they're hanging out in the lobby, if they can't hold it in they pee in the elevator and, impatient while waiting for the next deal, they spit on the elevator walls. What cantenants do? Not much, as the building is populated more and more by transients who pay huge rents to live who-knows-how-many-people in a partitioned apartment. They don't care, they move on anyway. The hardest hit are the tenants who've lived here many years and who, actually, care about their apartments and the Island in general. Too bad we can't have the UA management, RIOC, PSD live in RL for a period of time and deal first-hand with the pervasive smell of weed, urine, garbage and, now, gun shots. Nice resume', Roosevelt Landings!

KTG said...

Its seems like we should push for more NYPD presence, this is case where a controversial "broken windows" approach would work well.

♫n.i.a♀ said...

We just moved in a couple weeks ago and I've always known RI as a safe place until now. How did drug dealers even get approved to stay on the island in the first place? If they're residents, I'm sure they'll be released tomorrow as if nothing happened. I've been noticing hoodlums hanging out outside my apartment quite often and the hallways reek of weed all the time, even seeping under our door and into our apartment. Why aren't the PSD making their rounds more prominantly? Instead they're giving us a hard time with moving in and parking. I just heard a huge fight explode in the hallway in the late afternoon yesterday. It's seriously starting to feel like the projects. I'm totally in arms with the island's committee to improve on the safety of the island. Do let me know what I can do to help. Thank you new neighbors. Be safe.

♫n.i.a♀ said...

I acutally saw the young man walking up to a couple moms walking with their strollers when I was walking to Fusion Salon, and I couldn't believe and probably was in denial with what I overheard when one of the moms asked him whether he was ok and he lifted his shirt and said he was shot. I was wearing my glasses but I could see a dark patch on his stomach. I couldn't believe he was still walking. He must have been just shot right then because he couldn't have walked so far from the train or tram like that. And this is on a sunny Saturday afternoon with kids all over the place. I'm so angry that this happened.

♫n.i.a♀ said...

I totally agree with you.

♫n.i.a♀ said...

I know, it's a big deal! Let's protect each other and not accept this from happening. I believe it's a bunch of teenagers that hang around in the hallways. The other day when my husband came back from work, there were like 7 hoodlums hanging around outside our apartment and one girl was even leaning on our door as if my husband didn't exist. What the heck is going on here?

♫n.i.a♀ said...

EXACTLY! I don't feel like a lot of people are even aware of what happened. I spoke to a tenant who had lived on the island since he was 4 years old and he said this definitely doesn't happen often and will be in the news but I never saw it get any coverage besides on this blog.