Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You're invited to Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island Town Hall Community Update October 1 - Report On Construction, Barging, Truck Traffic, Hearing Technology & More, Come Ask Your Questions

Image Of Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Construction Site

Cornell Tech and the Roosevelt Island Construction & Community Task Force will be holding a Town Hall Community Update tomorrow, October 1, at the Manhattan Park Theater Club (8 River Road) starting at 6 PM.
A Cornell Tech Spokesperson reports:
... in June Cornell Tech announced a $100 million gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies to fund construction of the campus. The first academic building on the campus was named The Bloomberg Center – in honor of Emma and Georgina Bloomberg. The Bloomberg Center, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne of Morphosis Architects, is a departure from traditional academic facilities with an open plan and extensive collaborative as well as private work spaces, adapting open plan offices from the tech world to the academic arena. Cornell is aspiring for the building to be among the largest net-zero energy buildings in the United States, with all of its power generated on campus.
Original commitment:

During ULURP, Cornell committed to:
  • “reduce the number of construction vehicles along Main Street by approximately 40% from the numbers included in the EIS for the project.” (source: Letter to Council-member Jessica Lappin dated May 2, 2013)
Special commitments include:
  • “Building Material not re-used on the Project Site will be removed by barge" -- All waste during demolition was removed by barge.
  • “Nearly all bulk materials will be delivered and removed by barge” -- Delivery of bulk materials will be needed in 2016.
  • “Heavy materials such as steel, curtain wall, and large equipment will also be delivered by barge" -- Steel deliveries for the Bloomberg Center to start in late September 2015, followed shortly thereafter by steel for the Bridge. Curtain wall deliveries for both buildings will start in late winter/spring 2016.
Images From Cornell Tech

Barging system:
  • To facilitate deliveries of construction equipment and materials, a Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) barge and ramp system will be installed along the East Loop Road, approximately 725 feet south of the North Loop Road. Trucks will be able to drive directly onto a barge, travel to Roosevelt Island, and drive off. This is a different type of barging operation compared to the demolition barging operation, where containers of material were picked up by a crane and deposited onto the deck of a barge.
  • Each barge can hold 4-10 trucks depending on the size of the truck and trailer (large tractor trailers of steel and fa├žade panels vs. smaller box trucks).
  • The system will be capable of handling up to three barge deliveries as part of a normal work day.
  • The majority of deliveries can be made regardless of tides. The use of some trucks with particularly low clearances will require careful coordination, delivering within 2 hours before or after high tide.
  • Generally speaking, barges with materials/equipment will arrive to Roosevelt Island around 7 a.m. to coincide with the start of the workday. There is an emphasis on early morning barge deliveries to reduce early morning traffic peaks.
Truck Targets:
  • Approximately 6,350 trucks were eliminated through demolition barging operations, with 100% of demolition waste removed from Roosevelt Island by barge.
  • As part of the new Roll-On/Roll-Off operation, a reduction of an additional 2,000 trucks is being targeted.
  • Now that all projects are well underway, construction activity will start to increase in October 2015.
  • Barging will begin in September in advance of the anticipated increase in deliveries in October 2015 so as to limit the burden on Main Street.
During July 20 Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Construction & Community Task Force meeting, Cornell Tech Director Of Capital Planning Andrew Winters described

Image Of Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Roll On Roll Off Barge

the roll on roll off barging process.

Also, Mr Winters discussed plans for hearing impaired technology to be utilized on the Cornell Tech campus using an Infrared System, not the Looping technology which had been advocated by members of the Roosevelt Island community.

Here's what happened at the June 16 groundbreaking ceremony for Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech campus.

Come to the Town Hall meeting tomorrow to learn what is going on and ask your questions.

UPDATE 10/1 - According to the Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island Campus Project Construction Update:
September 28 - October 9 Look Ahead

Roadwork and Central Utility Plant – Underground utilities, including street tie-ins for the Central Utility Building will be completed in this period. Backfilling in preparation for the concrete slab on grade will be finalized leading up to the pouring of the slab on grade in the 2nd/3rd week of October. Utility installation continues in the southern section of the East Loop Road. At the North Loop Road, conduit will be installed for future Verizon service to Sports Park. Additionally at North Loop Road, all at grade utility access ports are being raised and building utility connections backfilled in preparation for asphalt base course which will be installed in the second week of this period. Construction Fence re-location is underway along the West Loop Road. Fence is being moved from the east side of the road to the west and is leading up to the closing the road to traffic in the middle of October. Authorized southbound traffic will be accommodated on the East Loop Road when the West Loop Road is closed.

Co-Location Building – The foundation is nearing completion and should be achieved by the end of this period. Underground utilities and street connections are ongoing and being coordinated with work along East Loop Road.

Residential Building – Utility connections in the street should be finalized by the second week of this period. The concrete slab on grade will be poured by the second week of October. The tower crane will be erected and first floor column forming will begin in the beginning of the next period.

Bloomberg Center – Erection of steel continues and will be supplemented with the mobilization of a second crane within this period. Pile caps are being finalized on the east side of the building. Steel clips and angles are being installed around the perimeter foundation in preparation for floor deck tie-ins.

Barge Operation – Barging is underway and deliveries have begun to feed projects on site. Enforced waterway restrictions will limit deliveries in the beginning of this period