Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Roosevelt Island Youth Baseball League Being Formed For Kids 6-8 and 9-11 Years Old By Roosevelt Island Center Of Community Development - More Youth Sports Planned Too

Reported last December of a new Roosevelt Island organization being formed - the Roosevelt Island Center of Community Development (RICCD). According to the RICCD web site:

Formed by its adverse history and now facing some of its most significant changes to date, the Roosevelt Island community and the people who call it home enter an important season which is sure to shape the future of this city island. It is within this context that the Roosevelt Island Center of Community Development exists to equip and empower high capacity, high character leaders for the physical, social, and cultural flourishing of Roosevelt Island....
 Image From RICCD

The RICCD report that they are starting a new Roosevelt Island youth baseball league:
This spring, the Roosevelt Island Center of Community Development launches a brand new co-ed, island-wide little league. The league will include 2 different age groups; minors (6-8yrs old) and majors (9-11yrs old), with the intent of expanding to other age groups in the coming years. Children and their parents can expect a well-planned, 10 game season. In addition, the RICCD little league will include a pre-season kick-off event (pitch, hit, and run), a pre-season parent’s gathering, an all-star game, and the league will finish strong with a playoff and little league championship game. In addition, the league has focused on recruiting high character parents, young professionals, and others leaders from the community who are ready to invest much of their spring into launching this new neighborhood little-league. Cost is $50 per child with the ability to receive a full scholarship for free play if needed, based on need.
Registration info here.

The RICCD plans to organize more Roosevelt Island youth sports activities including soccer, basketball and softball. More information here.

As previously reported, the Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP)) begins in April its 38th year of free Little League baseball for kids 6-13 years of age as well as a Soccer League too.

Here's registration info for RIYP Baseball and Soccer.