Monday, March 7, 2016

Wow - Fantastic Nighttime Views From Drone Flying Over Roosevelt Island And East River Waterfront - Lights Shining Bright Like A Diamond, But Can It Be Creepy Too?

Click on full screen icon for spectacular view.

Last week, a Roosevelt Island resident noticed a drone flying near Manhattan Park and was creeped out by it. According to Freelancer:

Did anyone else notice the DRONE hovering in the sky over the East River near the southwestern corner of 20 River Road at about 11 a.m. today, Sunday, 2/28? It was hovering at the level of the fifth floor down from the top of the building. Then it went way up in the sky, hovered there, then slowly descended until it disappeared from my view behind the building. Never seen anything like this before. I called Public Safety, but they didn't know what it was. Creepy!
Here's a December 2015 report from the Wall Street Journal on new Federal Aviation Administration regulations governing the use of drones.

More drones over Roosevelt Island here.