Monday, July 18, 2016

What Programs And Services Do Roosevelt Island Senior Citizens Want Provided By Carter Burden Center For The Aging - Fill Out Survey And Tell Them, General Meeting On Friday July 29

As previously reported, the Carter Burden Center for the Aging took over sponsorship of the Roosevelt Island Senior Center on July 1.  

Lisa Fernandez is the the new Director of the Roosevelt Island Senior Center. Ms. Fernandez reports:
... the first General Member Meeting of the Roosevelt Island Senior Center: A Program of the Carter Burden Center for the Aging will be held on Friday, July 29th at 12:30pm at the Senior Center, 546 Main Street. William Dionne, Executive Director, will attend and provide updates on learning from our first month as the new sponsor of the Senior Center and initial results from the member survey.
Roosevelt Island Senior Center members are invited to attend the meeting.

The Roosevelt Island Senior Center asks Seniors to tell them what type of programs and services they want. Print out and answer the survey below to tell them. Then bring the completed survey to the Senior Center or pick up a survey at the Senior Center to answer the questions..

Some Roosevelt Island Seniors have expressed concerns regarding the Carter Burden Center taking over management of the Senior Center.

Vicki Feinmel commented:
I agree that changes needed to be made to the Senior Center to become a more vibrant Center for all. But what people don't realize is how important the exercise classes are to those who have been attending for many years. The first thing that Carter
Burden did was reduce the salaries of our well deserved instructors who earned every cent. We lost 2 of our instructors due to this. Why change what works, just enhance.

As much as I appreciate Assembly Member Seawright, trying to help, by coming through with additional funding, it will not be going to the teachers that we lost. It will go to what Carter Burden wants and not necessarily for the things that the people who use the center want.
Perdida Miranda adds:
I agree wholeheartedly VICKI

Carter burden is here to serve the seniors not the other way around.

Those who do not use the teachers services cannot comprehend what a loss it is to not have doctorate level and PHD level exercise instructors to help seniors with their physical exercise needs.

I lost over 20 lbs thanks to Rob and Ivete as well as being in remission for asthma thanks to those two fabulous teachers
Other Roosevelt Island seniors support the Carter Burden Center.

According to Judy Berdy:
I am thrilled that Carter Burden has taken over management and operations of the Senior Center. For years the center management did not have a welcoming environment. Since the DFDA came in last May and Carter Burden last week, the staff is open and welcoming. WIth the support of the community our center can become a showplace and welcoming.

The petty squabbles of the last few weeks hopefully have ended and a new leaf has been turned over.

It is time for all island organizations to work with the Carter Burden staff to offer programming, volunteers and enrichment programs for all members.
and Lynn Boston:
... it seems a lot went on with our old senior center. It is great to see a fresh new start,

Change is always hard, but I think if the community works with CBC, we will all find great services with them.

I have heard that they are looking to cook meals eventually instead of the unhealthy meals that have been served for years.

I have looked at their website also and am very impressed... I think we as a community need to welcome them and work with them instead of presenting them with all of the negativity that has been created.

CBC is in charge of the center and it seems like people don't to want to accept that! There are many organizations and committees on the island that are supporting them and wanting to work alongside them not to be in competition with them..

Out with the with the new!!! Time to turn over a new chapter...Things can only get better....
More on the Carter Burden Center sponsorship of Roosevelt Island Seniors Center at prior post.