Monday, July 11, 2016

You Have Until Midnight Tonight To Take Roosevelt Island Southpoint Open Space Survey, Help Determine The Future Of Southpoint Park - Should Historic, But Crumbling, Renwick Smallpox Hospital Ruins Be Demolished?

The Southpoint Open Space Survey team reported today
Complete the Community Survey about Southpoint Open Space TODAY before it closes at midnight! 

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Click here!  Today is your last chance to complete the brief online survey to tell us what you think about Southpoint Open Space.  Get your answers in before the survey closes at midnight!
So what are you waiting for?  Click here to take the survey now!
Please note that all answers are completely anonymous.  We will let you know when the survey results are posted on the project website. 
And don't forget to mark your calendar for our upcoming Planning and Design Charrette on Saturday, July 23rd!  More information, including a detailed schedule and location, can be viewed on the website by clicking here:

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I spoke with Fitzgerald & Halliday's Arnie Bloch about the Southpoint Open Space Survey at the May 14 Saturday's Farmers Market.

Here's what Mr. Bloch had to say.

One opinion for Southpoint Park proposed by the Roosevelt Island Daily is to:
Tear Down the Renwick Smallpox Hospital Ruins

It's close to blasphemy in some Roosevelt Island circles, but common sense demands that we take a hard look at the pile of rubble, known variously as the Renwick Ruins, the Smallpox Hospital or a combination of both, scaring the southend of Southpoint before pouring more hundreds of thousands of dollars into it with no other goal than "public access."
Click here for the full Roosevelt Island Daily post advocating demolishing the Renwick Smallpox Hospital Ruins.

Previous estimates for the cost of stabilizing the Renwick Smallpox Hospital Ruins have been in the millions of dollars.

More on the future and possible restoration of the Smallpox Hospital

at this previous post.

UPDATE 7/12 - An online history of the Renwick Smallpox Hospital Ruins.