Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Roosevelt Island Residents Vote Overwhelmingly For Hillary Clinton But Donald Trump Wins And Is President Elect - Are You And Your Kids OK?

According to the NYC Board of Elections, Roosevelt Island residents

 Roosevelt Island Residents Voting At PS/IS 217 11/8/16

voted in yesterday's Presidential Election as follows:
  • Clinton 2,229
  • Trump 331
  • Stein 70
  • Johnson 34
  • Write in 28
These numbers do not include the votes from the Election District 87 (the Octagon Building) which for some reason have not been reported in this tally.

The vote tally for Roosevelt Island Election Districts (82 E.D. - 87) from the NYC Board of Elections is here. 

The NY Times reports that Donald Trump received 279 Electoral Votes (270 needed for victory) to Hillary Clinton's 228. Ms. Clinton received more total votes 59,733,960 (47.7%) to Donald Trump's 59,520,324 (47.5%). Arizona's vote is not final yet and is not counted in this tally.

Have you come to terms yet with the results of yesterday's Presidential election? Does the phrase President-Elect Donald Trump fill you with gloom about the future of America, make you happy or just resigned to the next 4 years of President Trump?

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reacts to President-Elect Donald Trump today.
A Roosevelt Island resident known as "The Walrus" recommends this NYU Langone Center Webinar on helping you and your child deal with the election results:
A free 30-minute webinar for parents and caregivers from the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children's Hospital of New York at NYU Langone.

Whether your emotional reaction to Tuesday nights presidential election results was joy or anger, as a parent you may find yourself in the position to explain and answer questions about politics and the presidential election results to your child....
Here's President-Elect Donald Trump's Victory speech last night,

Hillary Clinton's concession speech today

and President Barack Obama's remarks

 on the Presidential transition today.

UPDATE 11/10 - President Obama met with President-Elect Trump today.
Is it possible that Obama and Trump can work together?