Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day - It's Not Easy To Get A Date If You Live On Roosevelt Island According To The Younger TV Show Tram Slam Episode

A question to consider for Valentine's Day - What's it like being single on Roosevelt Island? Does it hurt your your dating life? Do friends and potential significant others shame you because you live on Roosevelt Island?

If an episode of the TV Land television program Younger aired last October 27 is accurate, Roosevelt Island is definitely not the place to live if you wish to impress a date.

The Twitterverse reacted to the Younger Roosevelt Island episode:

According to the Younger characters shaming Roosevelt Island:
... No reason to go to Roosevelt Island... some of the ugliest building...  no charm to it whatsoever... used to be a leper colony... I have nothing against people who live on Roosevelt Island. I'm sure they're very nice. They have alot of space....
Here's portion of the Younger episode about Roosevelt Island (starts at the 45 second mark) including the "Tram Slaming" sex scene:

After watching the episode, a Roosevelt Island resident wrote:
OMG I just watched the latest episode of Younger "P is for Pancake" -- btw a show I adore-- but they totally MASSIVELY diss RI. Please help advertise this so we RIers can try to counter their annoying millennial claims that the island is for losers. Watch the show and you'll be as horrified by what they have to say. What to do?! So embarrassing now to say we live here. UGH!!
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on Roosevelt Island.