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Friday, March 24, 2017

Roosevelt Island Community Report From RIOC President Susan Rosenthal - Seawall Railings, Sportspark Opening Soon Maybe, Blackwell House, Tram Platforms & Elevators, Youth Center Rats, Renovation, Operator, Renwick Ruins, Water Safety, Picnic Tables, Water Fountains & BBQ's

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal reported to the March 23 RIOC Board of Directors meeting on current projects including:

  • Seawall railings replacement - start construction in June,
  • Sportspark announcement regarding opening hopefully by Monday or Tuesday,
  • Blackwell House renovation Request For Proposal (RFP) posted,
  • Tram Platforms renovation (both Manhattan and Roosevelt Island stations)
  • Rat problems at Roosevelt Island Youth Center,
  • Youth Center Building Renovation,
  • Youth Center Operator RFP being revised with assistance of NY State Office of Children & Family Services,
  • Renwick Ruins Scaffolding To Repair Falling Cornice and 
  • Final Report coming soon on status of Renwick Ruins condition commissioned by FDR Park (estimated cost of stabilizing Ruins is $20 Million)
Here's Ms. Rosenthal's report to the RIOC Board (Part 1)

Part 2:
  • Tram Elevator RFP - creating glossy brochures and exploring personal contacts seeking contractors,
  • Roosevelt Island Public Space Water - It's safe,
  • New BBQ's, picnic tables and benches, and water fountains,
  • Motorgate Gallery Art Gallery Opening and
  • Renwick Ruins Stabilization and future plans for re-purposing.