Friday, August 11, 2017

RIOC Shortens Time For Roosevelt Island Tram Station Repairs By Authorizing Up To Additional $160,000 To Contractor For Increased Work Week - RIOC Hopes Work Completed By End Of 2017

Roosevelt Island Tram riders may not have to suffer with long lines at the Tram Station through the winter of 2018 as originally planned.

As previously reported, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) has begun Tram Station Repairs causing only 1 Tram cabin to be in service resulting in long lines

and frustrated Roosevelt Island residents.

During the August 9 RIOC Board of Directors meeting (video web cast of full meeting here), the RIOC Board approved an expenditure of up to an additional $160,000 to extend the Tram Station repairs work week to include Saturday's.

According to RIOC Engineering Consultant Mike Russo, the extended work week will save at a minimum 30 days on the project's schedule. Mr. Russo said he hoped the Tram Station repairs will be completed before the end of 2017.

Here's Mr. Russo's presentation to the RIOC Board

and August 8, 2017 memo submitted to the RIOC Board and President Susan Rosenthal on matter.

In March 2017, the RIOC Board approved the recommendation to award Specialty Construction, Inc. the Roosevelt Island Tram Station Platforms Repairs Project. This project consists of removing the deteriorated top surfaces and waterproofing on both the Roosevelt Island and Manhattan stations platforms, conducting repairs to the structural slab and metal columns and start replacing with new concrete top slab, waterproofing and a new traffic coating.

The project will be completed in three (3) phases. Works commenced on July 26, 2017, will extend into March 2018, and will be conducted on both the Manhattan and Roosevelt Island platforms at the same time. Throughout the duration of this project only one cabin will be in operation.

The phases of the project are as follows:

Phase I – South-side of the platform.

Phase II – North-side of the platform.

Phase III – Manhattan side path to elevator and south staircase.

There are some factors that will have an impact on the schedule of this project:
  • Leitner-Poma is conducting ongoing maintenance and inspections of the system, which impacts the construction schedule. This will have a greater impact with only one Tram in operation at any given time.
  • The project is weather sensitive and the application of finish products is likely to affect phase II, which extends into the heart of the winter.
The object is to execute this project in the shortest possible timeframe and restore normal Tram service. To this end, RIOC Engineering requested a proposal from the contractor to extend their work week from 5 to 6 days including Saturday, which requires the contractor to pay premium time. (See proposal attached).


The contractor submitted a proposal to obtain all DOB permits for Saturday work and to furnish labor, material and equipment to perform work on both locations at premium time, calculated at a sum of approximately $160,000.

This eliminates phase III, reduces the project to two (2) phases, [south-side and north-side] and reduces the schedule by approximately 30 days.


We recommend that, the Board of Directors approves the premium time extension of Specialty Construction Systems Inc. contract for the Roosevelt Island Tram Stations Platforms Repairs Project by a not-to-exceed sum of $160,000 for a total amount of $2,151,150. The original, current contingency will not increase.