Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Long Lines Past The Turnstyle And Down Stairs Continue To Greet Frustrated Roosevelt Island Tram Riders With Only Single Tram Cabin Running During Tram Station Repairs

The Roosevelt Island Tram Station Platform repairs continue to cause long lines and frustration for residents going to and from Manhattan.

This evening, long lines at the Manhattan Tram Station greeted residents trying to come home. A resident reports:

Lines at the Tram go into the Park.

Tram staff says it's going to stay this bad until 2018.

There is Mom with 4 little kids who are by now getting wild from all the waiting in crowded line and with a folded stroller - feeling so sorry for her.

Can't RIOC President Susan Rosenthal do anything about this?

Finally made it on Tram after 25 minutes waiting. Tram driver said one lady said she waited 30 minutes for Tram.

Long lines outside turnstiles on Roosevelt Island side too.

Long lines earlier today at the Roosevelt Island station tool
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UPDATE 8/9 - About the Roosevelt Island Tram station crowding: