Friday, August 25, 2017

Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Update - What's Happening With Nisi/Trellis, Onda Mexican Restaurant & Cafe Panini Bar?

The most often question I'm asked is:

When will stores open on Main Street?

 Yesterday, I asked Roosevelt Island Shops On Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related:
Can you update on status of Nisi, the Mexican restaurant and Juice Bar?
Hudson'Related's Alexandra Kaplan replied:
Juice bar is actually a café/panini bar. It is finalizing design and approvals.

Mexican restaurant is in the process of getting build-out approvals as well.

Nisi – I don’t have an update on right now- but will also reach back out with an opening date – when that happens.
I know that is not a satisfying answer for Roosevelt Island residents, but it's all we got.

At least the Cornell Tech Cafe is open and it's getting great responses from Roosevelt Island residents. Here's what it looked like on July 31 opening day.

On June 13, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Real Estate Advisory Committee received this Main Street Retail update from Ms. Kaplan

A resident suggested yesterday:
Since there are so many empty spaces on Main Street has anyone considered a $.99 store? I know our family loves to shop at them and we enjoy them especially when looking for small inexpensive gifts for children and also when buying gifts for Sunday School. I would think it would be something a lot of people would like to consider buying there.
Cornell Tech built an entire campus on Roosevelt Island in 2 1/2 years. Roosevelt Island can't fill it's vacant stores in more time than it took to build Cornell Tech - That's crazy.