Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Seen From Roosevelt Island Today - Quite A Sight

Roosevelt Island residents were eagerly anticipating today's solar eclipse this afternoon

and were


by what

they saw.

Viewing the Solar Eclipse through the safety glasses was fantastic.

The pictures and video don't show how spectacular the solar eclipse looked but they're pretty good.

Take a look.
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And from the International Space Station too.
UPDATE 8:20 PM - Frank Farance shares these slideshow photos

and reports:
There was a gathering at Good Shepherd Plaza and there were several kinds of viewing "technologies". Here they are in order:

- Viewing the eclipse through the clouds via DSLR (Nikon D80, f/22, 1/4000 sec) [photo 5173] and group [photo 6203]
- The simple but effective pinhole, as demonstrated by Christina Delfico [photo 5143, 5147]
- Cereal boxes [photos 6200, 5162]
- Amazon boxes, as demonstrated by Owen Johnston [photo 5181, 5182]
- Photographic film as a filter, 1/16000 sec, Nikon AW1 [remaining photos]

A lot of people hanging out, not the usual mix/groups, so it was really nice to hang out with different people.
UPDATE 10:15 PM - The view of the solar eclipse from the Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech campus.