Wednesday, July 31, 2019

RIOC Announces Cars Will Soon Be Banned From Roosevelt Island East Side Waterfront Promenade For Safety Of Pedestrians, Children And Bicyclists

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) announced today that cars

will soon be banned from driving along the East Side Waterfront Promenade.

According to a RIOC Spokesperson:
New Traffic Bollards Placed on Eastern Promenade Soon

In response to complaints about people driving along the eastern promenade, RIOC will soon be installing barriers and placing signage at key locations to prevent cars from accessing this area. RIOC and emergency vehicles will still be able to reach the promenade if necessary. Pedestrians and bicyclists will not be impeded by these barriers in any way. Placement of the barriers will begin over the next several weeks.

RIOC is taking these measures as part of its on-going commitment to keep Roosevelt Island safe for pedestrians, children and bicyclists. If you see unauthorized vehicles in these areas, please contact PSD immediately at 212-832-4545.
Asked whether the East Side Waterfront Promenade ban includes Child School buses:

the Spokesperson added:
No. We’ve already coordinated this with the principle and school buses serving the school will not be banned.