Monday, August 12, 2019

Scenes From Roosevelt Island Stargazing Last Saturday Night - Whoa, See Saturn's Rings, Moonscape & More - Next Sunday Microscope Station At Lighthouse Park Reveals Hidden East River Life

Following a very successful May 18 night of Roosevelt Island Stargazing at the Riverwalk Commons, NYPL's Roosevelt Island branch brought back OB Astronomy for a second time of looking up at the stars from Roosevelt Island last Saturday night - this time at the Cornell Tech campus.

iDig2Learn Founder Chistina Delfico shares these photos and reports:
Whoa, it’s beautiful,” exclaimed a 10 year-old boy when looking at our moon’s craters

last Saturday night through a hi-powered telescope for the NYPL Roosevelt Island branch’s space-themed summer reading event.

Back by popular demand Chris Vallo, from OBAstronomy,

guided hundreds of excited and grateful stargazers on how to spot Saturn and it’s rings,

Jupiter and it’s four visible moons while I supported nearby with a second telescope reminding viewers that Io, one of Jupiter’s moons, has active volcanoes just like Hawaii here on Earth.

All ages were star struck and it was hard not to feel like Galileo Galilei in the 1600’s seeing Jupiter’s moons for the first time.

To kickoff the night Roosevelt Island NYPL’s Ms. Jen happily read to a grassy lawn full of families on blankets for a space-themed story time.

The library’s Sasha Jones had a tremendous spread of books on hand for all ages and encouraged visitors to continue the learning at the Roosevelt Island local branch.

All partners were thrilled when Cornell Tech’s Jane Swanson sent word that yes, the university would love to partner and welcome the public on campus for an evening of stargazing for unobstructed views of the night’s sky.

One man summed it up saying it was great to come out and meet nice people.

Though we only had one night of stargazing with OBAstronomy we plan to have Chris back soon.

Meanwhile, visit NYPL’s Roosevelt Island branch to check out loads of books about the universe and stay connected for upcoming events by following @RooseveltIslandLib @obastronomy @iDig2Learn @cornell_tech
Ms Delfico reports approximately 4-500 people enjoyed the Roosevelt Island Stargazing.

No more telescope Stargazing this week but on Sunday, August 18 check out the microscope stations at Lighthouse Park for up close view of hidden East River life.