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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Manhattan Park Rents 35 Units To MaryMount Manhattan College - Is Roosevelt Island The New Boston For Students?

You Tube video of Moving Day for College Students in Boston

It's almost the end of July which means that the new fall 2008 college semester is fast approaching and students will need places to live for the upcoming year. Guess where some of them will be laying down their backpacks? Right here on Roosevelt Island.

I don't think Boston needs to worry about being replaced as America's College Town by Roosevelt Island, but Manhattan Park has become a residence hall for students from Marymount Manhattan College, Rockefeller University and the French Culinary Institute. As described from the Minutes of the April 10, 2008 RIOC Board of Directors meeting, Manhattan Park recently bulk leased 35 units to Marymount Manhattan College after receiving permission from RIOC.
Mr. Shane noted that the Manhattan Park housing project on Roosevelt Island has
requested RIOC’s consent to lease 35 units to the Marymount Manhattan College. Of these units, 34 would house students and one unit would house a Resident Director. As these units will be rented at a market rate, and RIOC has a percentage rent interest in Manhattan Park, it would be to RIOC’s financial interest to approve the sublease. Therefore, Mr. Shane recommended the approval.

The Corporation is hereby authorized to consent to Manhattan Park’s Major
Sublease to Marymount Manhattan College, along such terms and conditions
substantially similar to those outlined in the memorandum from Stephen H.
Shane to the Board of Directors, dated March 27, 2008, attached hereto;
Also, to further Roosevelt Island's place as the new Boston for student living, the Cornell Medical College and Memorial Sloan Kettering provide housing for their faculty and students at two of Southtown's Riverwalk buildings.

UPDATE: 1:45 - I prefer Roosevelt Island as the new Paris.


Anonymous said...

As long as there aren't any wild parties during the week! And for the wild parties on the weekend, I better be invited!

Anonymous said...

Manhattan Park is slowly becoming a college student magnet. Some floors have become really unbearable for families with small children due to the noise.

The tenants living in apartments that face the roof deck on the 18th floor of each building are already suffering from the student invasion during the summer. It's been noisy and sometimes unbearable.

Anonymous said...

I live in Manhattan Park, and have noticed some younger people becoming rowdy at times, however it has never become too much of a problem. Most of the time, including weekends, my floor is quiet, except for a loud tv here and there.

Sarah said...

If RI is going to become a College Town we'd at least need a bar.

A side note, I don't live in Manhattan Park but I can say that in my building the families cause more noise than 20-somethings. Crying and screaming children are just as obnoxious. Apartment living is about compromise.

Anonymous said...

Sarah: Apples and oranges. Small kids are noisy by default. Parents can only do so much to keep them quiet. I expect a lot more from 20-somethings because they are supposed to know what they are doing.

Yes, it is about compromise. Having kids running up and down upstairs or in the hallway is fine. Having somebody turn up the music to unbearable levels or throwing up in the hallway and not cleaning up is not cool.

Anonymous said...

The new Paris? I wish. Paris, at least the close-in arrondisements, has no room for the people you see in 2-4 River Road. Those folks are isolated and not even given full citizenship rights. Every couple of decades, they burn a few cars, and then they disappear again. I'll take college students any time - at least their parents or college pays the rent.

Sarah said...

12:03 poster

20-something college students aren't partying 24/7 remember most of the time they are actually going to class and studying. College students getting silly drunk or having there music too loud is equivalent to noisy by default from children.

I lived off campus in Miami for 3 of my 4 years in college and never had any complaints from neighbors even when we hosted parties. Like the previous poster said it's guaranteed rent. When you're living on RI and rent is cheaper than in the city there is some expectation of younger residents who aren't as established.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new...many of the students in the past have been extremely rude and loud. The problem is that Manhattan Parc packs the students into apratments, with bunk beds, and room dividers. The laundry rooms become over-crowded, as do the elevators which hardly ever work properly anyway. Market rate renters deserve better than to be forced to live in a college dorm. Live and let live should try to sleep at 3AM next to an apartment full of loud an often drunken students.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan Park renters paying full market price should form a tenant's association. The infusion of college kids will be a disaster. Management of course has the right to rent to whomever they wish, but they should have made known that they were turning the buldings into dorms at the time regular tenants were renewing leases.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, as a college student living on Roosevelt Island, we dont wanna be here as much as you dont want us there. NOthing screams fun like living in a building full of granola people in a place that shuts down at 9pm. Please complain like crazy so theyll put us somewhere else. perhaps closer to civilization? Perhaps away from the yuppies?