Friday, August 22, 2008

No F Train To Manhattan and Crowded Tram Expected For Roosevelt Island This Weekend. Plus, No Roosevelt Island Down Escalators For A Month!

Image of Tram passengers last time subway was out of service in one direction

According to the MTA there will be no Manhattan bound F trains from Roosevelt Island this weekend. RIOC reports no Roosevelt Island Tram advisories so Tram service should be running on regular schedule except for the larger number of passengers on the Roosevelt Island side due to the absence of F train service to Manhattan. Plan accordingly.

RIOC is also advising that beginning Monday, the down escalators at the Roosevelt Island subway station will be out of service:

Escalator work

Beginning August 25th, two sets of escalators (four in total) will be taken out of service for a month as part of the escalator replacement project.

The escalators are located between the street and lower mezzanine.
During this time, the remaining set of escalators will be running in the up direction.

The MTA Elevators and Escalators group will be on call
should anything happen to the working escalators during the shutdown.
Roosevelt Island 360 explains the escalator advisory:
The reason for this temporary inconvenience is that the curent "up" escaltors, ES 413 and 416, are being closed so that the adjacent escalators, ES 412 and 415, currently under construction can be completed.
The Village Voice was impressed with 360's escalator explanation and charts. They recommend:
Someone offer this man an advisory position in a public agency!


Anonymous said...

At least with the down escalators being out of sevice residents can get some good exercise in the morning.