Friday, August 22, 2008

Why Was Andy Garcia On Roosevelt Island Last Night? Shooting A Movie Or Looking For An Apartment In This Truman Show-esque Little Toy Town.

Image by Alain

The New York Post may have the premier outlet for dishing out celebrity gossip, sightings and pictures from Page 6 but Roosevelt Island has our favorite Italian correspondent, Alain, who may be about to give Page 6 some competition. Last night Alain spotted actor Andy Garcia sitting on the Roosevelt Island side of the Tram Plaza and took these pictures.

Image by Alain

What was Andy Garcia doing on Roosevelt Island? Was he searching for a place to live here on Roosevelt Island? Have celebrities decided to shun the glitz, glamour and glory of an apartment in Manhattan or the trendiness of Brownstone Brooklyn and begun to consider the charms of a Roosevelt Island waterfront condo?

Image by Alain

Of course not. Andy Garcia was here on Roosevelt Island shooting scenes for the forthcoming movie "City Island". Here's a video shot by the City Island director Raymond de Felitta of the Roosevelt Island Tram ride at night speeded up so it only takes a little less than 2 minutes in travel time from Manhattan.

You Tube video of Roosevelt Island Tram at Night from City Island Movie

You can follow the progress of the City Island movie at the director's blog, Movies 'till Dawn. He says of Roosevelt Island:
... Roosevelt Island tram. Truly spectacular and romantic.
Yet a little on the bizarre side of things, the island is one of those Truman show-esque where it all feels a little to considered and held together. Neat condos flanked by neat streets and a tram as a mode of transportation. A little toy town methinks...
That's about right.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to spot Andy on the set of City Island. Did you talk to him? Was he nice?

Alain De Carolis said...

He was very nice.
He insisted to know where exactly I was from in Italy until he admitted he didn't know the place.
Even if it was late and if he was tired from having worked all day, he was still happy to take pictures with anybody.

RI 360 said...

Alain - At what time did you take these photos? Great shots by the way. - Eric

Alain De Carolis said...

It was around midnight.
Thank you