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Monday, October 27, 2008

New Roosevelt Island Blogger Spots Obama Vote Boat Sailboat on East River

Obama New York City Sailboat image from ireport

Roosevelt Island has a new blogger, Hayley in New York and she thinks it is the coolest place ever. Last Friday she wrote:
Seadogs for Obama!
Today when I came out of the subway here on Roosevelt Island I saw the greatest thing ever: an Obama-themed sailboat floating in the East River. Seriously, this thing's sails were red, white, and blue and featured a giant image of Obama's face. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me and a Google search for a picture turned up'll just have to trust me that it was pretty cool :)
I also saw the Obama sailboat on the East River heading towards the 59th Street Bridge on Friday. I tried to take a picture but it was too far away at that point. I noticed two firemen in a FDNY truck nearby, one of whom took a picture of the Obama boat and asked him if he could send a picture to me so that I could post it. He said he would if he could figure out how to do it. He also said that FDNY received a call that the sailboat was in trouble but upon reaching the scene observed that the Obama sailboat was not in any trouble and was being operated by a very good sailor doing very skilled maneuvers in the water.

You Tube Video of Obama and McCain Sailboat doing 360's in East River

Roosevelt Island 360 reports:
It appears per the Vote Boat web site that the boat has images of each set of candidates, McCain and Obama, on reverse sides of the sails.
UPDATE - 4:30 - In the interests of bipartisanship and following through on Barack Obama's campaign theme that we are all Americans, here is the view of the Vote Boat's McCain side.

The reader who sent in the photo asks:
If the ship goes down who goes down first?
The answer is that we all do.

Here is You Tube Video of Barack Obama's Richmond Virginia speech emphasizing that We All Love This Country.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Sunday Oct 26, the ObamaBoat went south along RI on the West Channel ~ 3 pm. Looked GREAT from high above !

P.S. Am glad did not see the MM (McAngry/Mooseolini) side. Would be a spoiler of such a beaut day.
They supposedly go to Florida now - I hope Obama will prevail (Great Schleppp might work ! they/grandchildren do a good job on all these seriously confused FLA elderly of 'hanging chads' in last two elections)