Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Kind Of Animals Were Removed From Roosevelt Island Apartments By Public Safety Department - Calling Doctor Doolittle?

Animal removed from apartment. That was the description of two incidents this past week from the Roosevelt Island 24 Hour Public Safety Reports. (Weekly list of current daily Public Safety Reports are posted on blog's middle sidebar)

From the 9/24 - 9/25 Public Safety Report:

Animal in apt- UA removed animal from apt.
and 9/26 -27 Report:
Animal- PSD removed animal from building.
I wondered what kind of animals were removed from Roosevelt Island apartments? Are there giant rabbits making a home in Roosevelt Island apartments?

Is there some secret zoo or menagerie of exotic animals hidden away someplace on Roosevelt Island? Do we have our own Roosevelt Island Doctor Doolittle talking to the animals?

Image of Eddie Murphy as Doctor Doolittle From Horseframe

I asked Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra about these incidents:
Can you provide any additional details about these incidents? What type of animals. are they dangerous, which building, are there other animals being kept in Roosevelt Island apartments that should not be there, etc?
Mr.Guerra replied:
In the first incident, a small garden snake was removed, and in the second incident a squirrel was removed. Both from Roosevelt Landings.
Oh well, not very exotic. I guess squirrels and snakes belong outdoors like this guy.

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Black Squirrel (not the one removed from apt.)