Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roosevelt Island Mentioned By Former President Bill Clinton This Morning On This Week As Possible Site For New York City's New World Class Applied Sciences and Engineering Center

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Former President Bill Clinton was interviewed earlier today and asked how to put Americans back to work. Mr. Clinton referred to Mayor Bloomberg's New York City Applied Sciences and Engineering school initiative as one solution and specifically mentioned Roosevelt Island (at about the 8 minute mark) as one possible site together with Governor's Island and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

More information available on the proposed NYC Applied Sciences and Engineering School from previous posts


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Stanford University and Cornell University have been making a big push to be selected by NYC to create the new Science and Engineering School. Both schools have sent representatives to meet with Roosevelt Island residents and community groups. Will have more on those meetings soon.

UPDATE 11 AM - Stanford University President John Hennessey speaks with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo on Mayor Bloomberg NYC Applied Sciences school initiative. An excerpt from the interview transcript:
new york city is known as the financial capital of the world, of course. now mayor michael bloomberg is hoping a new initiative called applied sciences new york city will position the city o overtake silicon valley as the global capital for technology innovation? what's at stake? so far this year, venture firms throughout the country have invested more than $6 billion in close to 900 technology deals. new york's piece of the pie, just over $600 million and about 6% of total deals. mayor bloomberg is looking for the right university to expand the city's engineering and applied sciences education programs. stanford university has thrown its hat into the ring. i'm joined by the ceo of the university, john hennessy...

... i think the mayor certainly has a great vision about what can be done here. our view is that we want the next major innovation center to be built in the us of a. from stanford's viewpoint, new york is the place to do this. in the end, it's about attracting people to a place they want to live, study and work. we think new york has it's possibly the only place that has some of the attractiveness that silicon valley has. it's a different kind of setting, urban setting. but its cultural aspects, all the tremendous things that are in the city, make it attractive to people from around the world...
and the video below. Watch the whole interview - it's very interesting.