Thursday, February 23, 2012

Person Jumps From Queensboro Bridge This Afternoon - Lands In Queens Park, Not Roosevelt Island

Image of Queensboro Bridge and Queensbridge Park

There were reports earlier today of a person jumping from the Queensboro Bridge and landing on Roosevelt Island. According to this tweet from NY Scanner:
NYC: Jumper down from the 59 Street Bridge Jumper onto Roosevelt Island being transported in serious condition Crime scene being established
The person did not land on Roosevelt Island but in Queensbridge Park underneath the Queensboro Bridge.

UPDATE 2/24 - From the 2/23 -2/24 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
Aided - NYPD 19th pct notified PSD of a jumper. The incident was in Queens and not on Roosevelt Island.


Trevre said...

Good thing there is a fence to keep people from jumping.