Monday, August 27, 2012

Lights Out For 3 Weeks At Roosevelt Island Octagon Tennis Court For RITA Lessons - Why Is Tennis Court Fence Covered Blocking Views Of Play?

Image of Octagon Tennis Courts

Received the following message from a Roosevelt Island tennis player on Saturday:
For more than 3 weeks, TWO lights are out on tennis court no 4, the one used by RITA for tennis lessons in the evening.

I reported this issue TWICE on SeeClickFix, it was acknowledged by RIOC engineering, than closed with the answer that the lights will be replaces the week of 8/20.

The week is now over, the lights were NOT replaced.

This is NOT acceptable, and RIOC should be told that. Not to mention this year price increase for the tennis courts permits.
RITA is the Roosevelt Island Tennis Association. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) has more information on Octagon Tennis courts at their web site.

Does anybody know why the fence surrounding the public tennis court is covered blocking anyone from watching those playing?

Image Of Octagon Tennis Court Fence

That's not the case for the baseball or soccer fields, why the tennis court?


Anonymous said...

Those are windscreens, used to block the wind & make playing easier. The fact that windscreens block the view of the courts from the outside is simply a side effect of windscreen design. We're lucky to have windscreens b/c they make playing much easier on windy days.

Avilla said...

It shields the wind. Wind Screens!

Williams said...

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