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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Roosevelt Island Explorers October Harvest At Children's Garden - Picking Carrots And Flowers, Planting Bulbs

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

Reported last month that the Roosevelt Island Explorers were planning a harvest at the Southtown Children's Garden between 455 and 465 Main Street.
... In addition to harvesting our carrots, we shall also plant some bulbs and make flower bouquets, which we intend to share with anybody who stops by - We hope to have a fun and bonding event....
I am a bit late with this but Leila Vujosevic from the Roosevelt Island Explorers recounts what happened at the harvest:

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

We had a beautiful day and about 50 children and their parents came (total)…

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

The carrots range from “this is the smallest carrot you have ever seen” to the ones children could eat.

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

In addition, children picked flowers and created bouquets which they gave away to people on the street.

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

They had a lot of fun shouting that they were free. The bouquets had little tags saying that that was a gift from Children’s Garden at 455 Main.

Then they planted bulbs (with parents’ help).

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

Everybody was excited. Many parents offered help with future events – they had ideas (to plant a tree) – it is exactly what we hoped for.

Next, we plan to put a Wishing Well Tree for the holidays with ornaments to feed the birds and to send well wishes to people we know and those around the world…
More information on the Roosevelt Island Explorers at their web site and from previous posts.