Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer Season Recap After Week 4 - Players Learning Skills, Teamwork And Leadership, More Exciting Games Coming Up

Image Of RIYP Soccer Goalie From Caroline Stjernstrom

Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Soccer Director Adib Mansour updates us on the 2013 RIYP Soccer Season.

According to Mr. Mansour:
The following is an update on the soccer for all divisions of the Roosevelt Island Youth Program Beacon Soccer (with over 300 players, ages 5 through 13).


                               Points         Rank                Goals
James Highsmith    6                2nd place         4 goals
James Brown          6                2nd place        10 goals
Marc Block             5                3rd place         2 goals
Dan Sadlier             5                3rd place         4 goals
Tony Leon              8                 1st place         8 goals
John Evans             3                4th place          7 goals

The Minors' teams have improved drastically as the players are learning their formations and the importance each position is for the team and the games. The coaches are doing a great job in the training sessions. The drills include short distance passing, shooting on the goal, and I'll be working with them on goalie skills. Two teams are tied at 2nd place and 2 teams are tied on 3rd place. The teams improvement is evident in the game scores this last weekend:
  • James Highsmith (Blue) 1 vs. John Evans (Brown) 0
  • Marc Block (Yellow) 1 vs. Tony Leon (Orange) 1
  • James Brown (Red) 1 vs. Dan Sadlier (Black) 2


                            Points              Rank                 Goals
Patrick Reidy      3                      3rd place          10 goals
Johan Marfey      6                      2nd place         14 goals
Jack McManus     9                     1st place           15 goals
Jessey Krieg        6                     2nd place          12 goals

The Juniors' games are a thrill to watch. The teams are equal in strength and skills. Most of the last Saturday's games were held in the midfield where each team is holding on to their possession. The goals have mostly been through dribbling skills combined with smart passes. Note worthy is the team work between Rajan and Tenzin on Jack McManus' Red team. The Blue team has been training hard with coach Johan -several days a week- and have resulted in 2 straight wins. Tia Young has become a strong defender on Coach Patrick Reidy's Yellow team. And finally, the team work between the trio of Muad Kurer, Galen Bennie, with the new addition of Antun Obou is exciting to watch. The last weekend's scores were as follows:
  • Johan Marfey (Blue) 3 vs. Jesse Krieg (Black) 2
  • Patrick Reidy (Yellow) 1 vs. Jack McManus (Red) 3


                                            Points        Rank              Goals
Cesar & Marianna               3              3rd place        13
Daniel Folla                        6               2nd place       11
Frantz Enama                     9                1st place        14
Boris Lassassi                    6                2nd place       17

The Seniors' games are so exciting, it beats watching a professional game on TV. Team work with precise and speedy passes culminated in beautiful goals, some from long distance, accurate, hard to reach kicks, and others through quick passes and smart short distance kicks.

Noteworthy are the two powerful goalies Daniel Wolczuk (from Frantz Enama's Orange team) and Desmond Bent (from Daniel Folla's Purple team).

Another noteworthy player is Luis Tejada (on Cesar's Blue team) who started the season by being frustrated and quickly learned to be a leader and a team player. Also on the Blue team is the new addition of Jaden Perry and Georgia Bobo; please help us welcome them to our league.

On Daniel Folla's team, Youssef Afif, Donald Smith, Richard Conde, and Ahmed El Shakshouki have played impeccably as team players. On Frantz Enama's Orange team, Taj Young and Xavier Leon have stepped up their relentless pursuit to apprehend the ball throughout the game!

Last but not least is Namkhy Y. Tobgyel, on Boris' Yellow team, who has proven to be a sophisticated and skilled player with fantastic moves, accurate passes in tight situations, and powerful kicks. Also on the Yellow team is Jaden Luna who has shown a lot of improvement and has become an integral part of her team. The last weekend's scores were as follows:

  • Frantz Enama (Orange) 5 vs. Boris Lissassi (Yellow) 4
  • Cesar & Marianna (Blue) 2 vs. Daniel Folla (Purple) 3
Images of RIYP Soccer From Caroline Stjernstrom