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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Young Roosevelt Island Man Passes Away - Give A BEN HUG In His Honor

Roosevelt Island resident Lynn Strong-Shinozaki is asking you for a hug. Not for her, but for a young Roosevelt Island resident who recently passed away and his family. From Ms. Strong-Shinozaki:

Ben Imbrogno was born and raised on Roosevelt Island.

Image Of Ben Imbrogno

His mom and I were a part of a mom's group in the 1990's. I babysat for him and he was a lifelong friend of my children. Ben had a heart attack and died this summer at 21 years of age. What I loved about him is he was always giving people hugs. I have decided to personally be much more generous with hugs and for the next few weeks in honor of this sweet boy gone way to soon.

Ben was a young man who was always generous with his hug ....something we all LOVED about him. I am asking people to BEN-HUG. All hugs count and if you could tell the hugee that it's a BEN-HUG even better. I am hoping that giving his family a BEN-HUG number at his Sat October 5th Memorial will help them feel lifted up in their grief.

We are asking everyone to help us to honor this young man ....whose life ended way to soon. Please start HUGGING
Ms. Strong-Shinozaki reports that as of yesterday there have been 899 Ben Hugs.


NotMyKid said...

I hugged my loved ones in BENHUG fashion tonight.

What a shame. RIP.