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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrate Purim In the African Jungle With Chabad Of Roosevelt Island Today - Pass The Hamantaschen Please

 Image of Hamantaschen From The Shiksa In The Kitchen

An invitation from the Chabad Lubavitch Of Roosevelt Island:
For those that would like to celebrate Purim, please join the Jewish Community for Purim - African Jungle style, Sunday, March 16th at 5:00pm.

* African Buffet * Craft * Multimedia Megillah Reading * Music

No membership - all are welcome

Suggested $18


Nechama and Zalman Duchman

Chabad Lubavitch of Roosevelt Island
According to the Huffington Post:
Purim is a spring holiday that commemorates the Jewish community's narrow escape from collective destruction in the ancient Persian Empire. The word itself, purim, comes from the Persian word for "lots" and is a reference to the fact that the date set for the Jews' annihilation was chosen by casting lots.

There are several major components of the Purim holiday, including public readings of the Book of Esther (k'riat megillah), giving charity to the poor (matanot la'evyonim) and delivering gifts to friends (mishloach manot). But Purim is most obviously characterized by a boisterous feast (se'udah) during which participants dress in costumes and drink to excess....
and celebrate with the Maccabeats