Monday, April 21, 2014

Emergency Building Repairs For Roosevelt Landings Complex Tomorrow April 22 - Between 9 AM And 3 PM No Hot Water And Slight Chance Of No Water, Also No Electricity For 540 Main

A Roosevelt Landings resident shares photos of these flyers posted in the elevator and reports:

No hot water from 9 am to 3 pm in Roosevelt Landings buildings

No electricity from 9 am to 3 pm in 540 main st building (there will be elevator with power plant)

Please buy water and plan ahead.

I just checked with the Landlord and THERE will be elevator service for 540. In case you need electricity to charge your phone, breastpump or any other essencial need, they told me to go to the Senior Center.

Please check your elevators to read the notices (there's also one for Laundry rooms)

Be safe tomorrow!!!
UPDATE 4/22 - Urban American's Josh Eisenberg, owner of Roosevelt Landings, explains the reason for water and electric shutdown today. Urban American is installing energy efficient Combined Heat & Power Plant today.


rilander said...

They'll issue an advisory but make no mention of providing for alternate transportation. Let's see now RIOC president: May, June, July, August...aha, right at the peak of campaigning to re-elect your boss. H-m-mm...don't worry about us....we'll let all the voters know about the incompetent and uncaring person your boss appointed to head RIOC.