Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exercise With 89 Year Old Roosevelt Island Woman Ethel Romm - No More Flabby Arms If You Follow Her Advice

During the March 26 meeting of the Roosevelt Island Women's Health Organization (RIWHO), 89 year old Roosevelt Island resident Ethel Romm

demonstrated her technique for keeping her arms in shape and preventing flabby or Hadassah Arms.

Here's Ms. Romm's advice.

During July 2013 RIWHO meeting, Ms. Romm described another facet of her exercise routine - climbing 20 flights of stairs every day in her building.

That's one healthy lady!!!


Random said...

Well I know whist flabby arms are but not hadassah so googled it and am perplexed. Something to do with myrtle trees? Don't get the connection. But it's better not to have them. Now if we just had an exercise to get rid of whiskers?

RooseveltIslander said...

RIRA PSC Committee Chair Erin Feely-Nahem writes:
Why would anyone consider that the officers were "railroaded" by RIOC for "doing nothing wrong"?

Is it so hard to remember that excessive force was used, and that a young man was beaten within an inch of his life? And how about the fact that the DA wouldn't touch the case and that no charges were ever filed? So you claim there is "no wrong doing" but I see that a kid is beaten and almost dies..spend 5 days handcuffed to a hospital bed.

Remember, he didn't have a weapon, nor drugs, wasn't drinking or menacing or acting out in any threatening manner, he was standing behind a building, talking to his friends. HANGING OUT IS NOT A CRIME!

I think you are out of touch with the community. The attendance at the two demonstrations held over a year ago, in response to this brutal act, clearly showed that the majority of the  Roosevelt Island community didn't believe that we needed excessive force and maximum enforcement for quality of life laws.

The majority of the community doesn't want Rambo or his goon squad. I say thank goodness RIOC is stepping up and doing what they should have done a year ago. I just hope all will tell what they know, if they are asked. Wrong doing should be punished, and good officer work commended. The illusion that "you could be next", is only a reality if you're one of Rambo's goons. I think it is long over do! It is about time that RIOC ordered an investigation of these two. Let the chips fall where they may.

Ike said...

One of the "railroaded" officers Raul Hernandez was not only directly involved in the mauling of Anthony Jones -- for whom let us remember no charged were ever filed! - but has numerous other instances of carrying out unprovoked violence. Additionally in the Dec. 2012 "Deli Incident" Hernandez not only carried out another false arrest but there was a fabricated official report. There should have been action taken against him a long time ago.
There will be no place on our Island and should be no place in New York City for brutal cops who are contemptuous of constitutional rights. These cases are the remaining legacy of the disreputable regime of Keith Guerra. All of us in the RIRA Public Safety Committee recognize the positive changes that have taken place under the new Director Jack McManus. It is despicable to exploit every new case of criminal activity on the Island as a call to return to the brutality of the past.

NotMyKid said...

Yeah RIOC is looking for blood after the $100/k + settlement with Jones. Which is not uncommon to settle so they do not drag on the case.

Numerous investigative performed investigations with no wrong doing found.

It is not uncommon for the DA OFFICE to decline prosecution. It still does not negate that a crime(probable cause to arrest) may have taken place to effect an arrest.

Ms. Freeham and the RIOC president have been long time buddies. They are on the buddy system with a favor for a favor. Hence why they are looking for blood.

NotMyKid said...

So, if it was a false report with the DA OFFICE, why was Sgt. Hernandez not arrested for perjury by the DA DETECTIVE SQUAD?

Case closed.

NotMyKid said...

I had a post but it magically disappeared.

Ms. feely and the rioc president are buddy-buddy. Looking out for someone to hang over the out of court settlement.


So let's get something straight.

Both officers who are being RAILROADED were CLEARED by multiple investigative agencies, more importantly the NYS Attorney and Inspector generals office. The NYC DA office looked into this and found no wrong doing, as well as who knows who else.

So what is RIOC trying to accomplish? Suspend two hard working officers, one who has been riding a desk for a year+ after being CLEARED by the NYS investigative offices!

I will personally chip in for a lawyer if there is TERMINATION involved.


Perhaps a MISTAKE was made, yes we can agree that maybe miscommunication happened, maybe some prisoner guidelines for detainment in hospitals need to be established.

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: You have it backwards, as I predicted a year ago, RIOC kept officers until they settled. If RIOC fired the officers immediately (which they should have), then RIOC's legal counsel would not be able to prepare the officers in the same way for trial ... not immediately satisfying for the sake of justice, but easily understood on RIOC's part.