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Monday, July 21, 2014

Burglary At Roosevelt Island Manhattan Park Building, Laptops And Ipad Taken - Remember To Double Lock Your Door

Image Of Credit Card Used To Open Door From Paxton Locksmithing (For Illustrative Purposes Only)

According to the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Report:
07/15/14 - 1435 - 30 River Road - Burglary - PSD/NYPD responded. NYPD report filed.
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Jack McManus adds that the resident was not home at the time of the burglary. Two laptops and an Ipod were taken. The apartment door was not double locked.

The NYPD is investigating.

More information on previous Roosevelt Island burglaries available at this post.


20RiverRoad said...

I spoke to Brian at Manhattan Park several months ago regarding the fact that the doormen do not check who is coming into the buildings. It seems nothing has been done to remedy this situation, and I am meeting with Manhattan Park Management tomorrow afternoon to discuss this. The security and safety of my family is not something I take lightly.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Manhattan Park Management has been trying to issue tenant ID cards for a very long time now but got very little support from the tenants because it involves having your picture taken etc.

That said, doorman or not, a person manning the front desk makes a building maybe a tad safer but not very much so. Lock your doors. Simple as that.

Mark Lyon said...

A reasonable solution would have been to install RFID readers while upgrading the elevators to restrict access to the residential floors. Key fobs could then be easily distributed to occupants of each unit.

MamaRobot said...

I just found out there's been ANOTHER burglary at 30 River Road. I just spoke to the police tonight (Monday 7/21). Apparently the doors were locked. Scary stuff.

rosislander said...

its the hoodligans from urban housing. be careful.

KTG said...

Yes. But pictures for id cards could only be taken weekdays in business hours, kind of difficult if you are working

OldRossie said...

Broken glass... Those hooligans are all over the island, and protected by the people that go after PSD when there's any contact. This wont be resolved - the continuous gentrification will help. meanwhile, walk softly, lock your doors (if only to make it harder), and be prepared to lose things... that's just the way it is.

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer: We're getting fobs in Island House. The picture feature means that when a tenant keys in, their picture shows up on the doorstation display, i.e., much better than having to pull out your wallet to show ID. Overall, the support in the tenancy is: this electronic key allows us to manage the keys better, which increases security.

NotMyKid said...

Damn if PSD does their job... And now... Damn that they don't.

Reap what you sow.

Few known recidivist perps live in manhattan park. Possible to let the exit door open, or just "bring em in". Roam around and wait. The strike and commit the burg.

Too bad manhattan park does not want verticals. Too bad PSD is so short staffed and too bad they refuse to let PSD do their jobs.

Too bad all around.

CheshireKitty said...

There is no ideal way to ensure security. Probably, as 20RR said yesterday, whether or not fobs are used, having a doorman announce guests to residents before they are allowed into the building, is good deterrent to crime.

One thing that could be done is install a gate/turnstile system which would create a physical barrier within the lobby preventing access to the elevators unless activated by a fob, or the doorman issuing a guest fob to a guest.

I've seen these set-ups at residential buildings and they work very well. People - guests, deliverymen etc - line up to get into the building because not do they have to show ID, sign the visitor log, and be announced, they also have to be allowed through the turnstile by security. Residents of course can wave their fobs at the reader in the turnstile and walk right in. To me, this is tight security, but I've only seen it implemented with more than one personnel manning the security station.

I would also recommend more cameras - cameras at all building exits, and cameras pointing to the street outside the building.

But, even with all these measures, there is probably still going to be a way to evade security, and there are probably still going to be thefts. I'm not accusing the help in buildings, but consider that none of us can ever be absolutely certain of the people some people might know - similar to the way people never know if the partners of the prior partners of your current.partner had AIDS or some other STD.

Let's say I am a housekeeper,and I am honest. However, there may be another service personnel who is not honest, or who knows dishonest people. That person may accept money in return for allowing - somehow - access to the building. Even if there is a photograph of a person on a fob, there are probably enough resemblances among some faces such that a dishonest person might get away with using another's fob.

Despite the elaborate security, the dishonest person gets in the building and proceeds to rip off an apartment, having been previously tipped off by the service person about the resident's schedule, belongings, etc. So, although fobs, and every other imaginable security measure can certainly help, there is no ideal way to ensure security.