Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roosevelt Island Moms Walking Group Still On The Move Friday's 11 AM Starting At Tram Kiosk - Yoga, Exercise & Lunch Too

Image Of Roosevelt Island Moms On The Move

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Coordinator Eva Bosbach reports:
Hi everyone,

This is a reminder about our next RI MoM walk, exercise and lunch, tomorrow, Friday July 18, starting at 11 AM at the Tram kiosk. Free. For details, please see here.

And we have a special guest tomorrow: Keren Messer, a Yoga teacher and a mom here on the island will teach the exercise part. We are excited! :)

Feel free to join us later - we will walk on the shady Manhattan side to the south of the island and back and then do the exercise and have picnic lunch under trees on the lawn above the Meditation steps, in front of Dr. Grimm's office. 

See you there.

Please send me a short e-mail if you are interested in joining us.


YetAnotherRIer said...

It's only a hardship for disabled people. When the escalators are working strollers can brought upstairs very easily (do you think I ever used the Lex/63rd St elevators with my kids? They are always packed with inconsiderate able-bodied folks - using the escalator is a lot easier and faster). Bicyclists have no business taking the subway in the first place.

CheshireKitty said...

Well, yes, bicyclists have their own transportation, so it seems ridiculous that they would take the train, but cyclists are allowed on the trains at all times (within reason - i.e. it's the expectation they will not attempt to get on a crowded rush-hour train). Yes - folks with strollers could use the escalators, but sometimes they may be juggling a number of items in addition to the kid & stroller, which might make it awkward/difficult to pick the kid, the stroller, and everything else, up and go up the escalators. Obviously, it's a matter of convenience - and courtesy. I agree that the elevator passengers who do not yield to customers with strollers, are rude. There's even a sign at the elevator saying it's for strollers/disabled riders.

Simina Cana Kroculick said...

The first bullet on the MTA site regarding safety is:

Before Stepping On The Escalator
- Do not get on with strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, luggage, or hand carts-use an elevator instead.

I would not take the escalator with my stroller as the norm and don't think its wise to encourage that.