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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Roosevelt Island Resident Ethel Romm Celebrates 90th Birthday At RIRA Meeting - Common Council Members Sing Happy Birthday To Her

Roosevelt Island Resident Association (RIRA) Common Council member Ethel Romm recently celebrated her 90th birthday. She was serenaded with Happy Birthday by the RIRA Common Council at the March 4 RIRA meeting. For her birthday, Ms. Romm challenged the Common Council Members to make a financial donation to RIRA. Ms. Romm donated $900.

As previously reported, Ms Romm has attributed much of her longevity to an exercise routine which includes climbing 20 flights of stairs every day in her building.

Happy Birthday Ethel.


CheshireKitty said...

Frank: Can you please immediately upload the photos/comments about sidewalk/walkway problems to see/click/fix or some other publicly accessible database, rather than waiting and submitting them as a batch to RIOC without the public being apprised of your findings? The public is very interested in knowing where these problems are located - even if we are walking along carefully, it would be nice to get a heads-up as to where we can expect uneven pavement, cracks in sidewalks, and so forth. Especially those jogging can be fore-warned where to expect problem, and hopefully avoid falls. Even if you do not get the entire project done all at once, could you please post the findings publicly as well as notifying RIOC, as you go along, i.e. as soon as you photograph the faults? If See-click-Fix is not the best way to get the information out to the public, maybe you could establish another web site - a compendium or index of problems - that a single entry to See-click-fix could link to - instead of 50 separate entries on see-click-fix. Not sure what's the best way to get the info immediately out to the public - but the information is vital for us to know considering how potentially dangerous a fall can be for residents/especially seniors. You can then review your postings at the ISC - rather than have the findings submitted via the ISC - given the need to get the information to RIOC and the public as soon as you document it. Thanks!

Frank Farance said...

Sidewalk/street conditions, pot holes, tripping hazards, etc. Some have been fixed, but many have not. Don't know if plumbing fixed at Lighthouse Park.

Overall, I believe much of sidewalk problems were caused by RIOC using Bob
Cats for snow plowing on the sidewalks: look at all the tree grates that were
ruined by the Bob Cats. The seawall is having problems up by Manhattan Park,
look at the bricks. Meanwhile, the seawall by Island House and Westview are not
having problems (possibly because Bob Cats can't access that portion of the promenade).

The electrical vault in front of the 40 River Road bus stop needs to get fixed ASAP.

Photos taken March 15, 2015. Have sent photos to RIOC staff.
Submitted to Aaron Hamburger in RIRA Island Services Committee.

CheshireKitty said...

The photos are a "punch-list" of repairs that need to be done. You have submitted them 2 months ago to RIOC. It would be interesting to see how many (if any) of these dangerous walkway areas have been repaired in the interim.