Friday, September 11, 2015

Roosevelt Island Tram Station Elevators, Helix Ramp Bike Safety, Con Ed Work And Cornell Construction Among Items Discussed By RIOC President Charlene Indelicato At Directors Board Meeting Yesterday

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato provided an update on various Roosevelt Island projects and issues during yesterday's September 10 RIOC Board of Directors meeting.

Ms. Indelicato reported:
Cornell is going up at a fantastic rate. I must say PSD has been outstanding in limiting the pain of traffic and the impact of concrete trucks...
Ms Indelicato noted:
  • Con Ed High Pressure Gas Upgrade Riser work is postponed until next spring but trenching work starts in October,
  • Con Ed will be doing nighttime work replacing feeder cables by Queensboro Bridge,
  • MTA will be doing work at Southpoint Park's Strecker Lab and
  • RIOC installed new lights at Motorgate Atrium near Gristedes which she believes will improve safety issues
In addition, Ms Indelicato discussed the ongoing problems with, and temporary fixes for, the two Roosevelt Island Tram Manhattan Station elevators.

Ms Indelicato said that the company preparing design and construction drawings for the two new Tram Manhattan Station elevators recently went bankrupt delaying work on the project for about a month. RIOC expects a successor company to take over work on the design and construction drawings soon pending approval of the bankruptcy court and fiscal vetting by RIOC.

Ms. Indelicato anticipates the two new Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station elevators to be working by Autumn of 2016.

Also, Ms Indelicato discussed bicycle safety issues on the Roosevelt Island Bridge helix. RIOC will not ban bicycles from the helix ramp but seek to improve safety with signage, road striping and education as well as investigate possible solutions for fixing the Motorgate elevator with the assistance of Cornell Tech.

Here's Ms. Indelicato's September President's Report to the RIOC Board of Directors.