Tuesday, December 8, 2015

RIRA Island Services Committee Report On Tram Station Elevators, Boy Scouts, Sportspark Facilities Inspection, Southtown Trash Yard Rats, Enhanced Senior Center Services, New Public Library & Post Office Customer Service

Below is Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC)

report to the RIRA December Common Council:


ISC met 11/23/15 with 10 members present from a membership of 13.

Tram Elevators – The old elevator continues to be unreliable with service frequently interrupted by breakdowns lasting from one day to two weeks.

The logjam in bankruptcy court was removed when the judge awarded the design contracts for the new elevators to two new design firms. There is no estimate of when the design will be finished and a RFP prepared.

Boy Scouts – ISC voted to terminate the program to reactivate a Boy Scout troop on RI. After a 1‐1⁄2 year effort, all that’s been accomplished is getting a place to meet. We
have detected little to no Community interest in a Boy Scout troop. To be certified by the Greater NY Boy Scout Council, we would need, besides a meeting place, a sponsoring organization, 5 committed adults (including a Scoutmaster) and a minimum of 10 boys.

Sportspark – ISC has prepared an updated inspection of Sportspark’s facilities and programs. This inspection report will be sent to RIOC with a request for a joint meeting to discuss the report and develop new action plans

Southtown Commercial Trash Yard – Related has assigned a porter from 425 Main St. to daily clean up the yard. This has improved the yard’s condition, but not completely fixed the problem of rats getting to the trash food. The yard still needs better bins with covers that can be tightly closed and more frequent pick‐ups by the disposal company.

Enhanced Services at Senior Center ‐ ISC is compiling a list of all services and programs available from the Dept. of Aging and other NYC agencies that could be provided to seniors. We will then request a meeting with the staff and leadership of the Senior Center to initiate needed new services for RI elder residents.

New Public Library ‐ Design of the new library is moving at a faster pace than expected. The library will have 5.2K sq. ft., about double the present space. There will be 26 computer stations vs. 4‐5 now. The estimated opening date has been moved ahead from 2018 to fall, 2017. The Public Library expects to hold a town meeting in mid‐January for the RI Community.

Post Office Customer Service – Some residents and ISC members concerned about poor customer service at the Post Office report that service has substantially improved, perhaps, due to ISC contacts with the Post Office Manager.

Respectfully Submitted, Aaron Hamburger, ISC Chair