Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Looking For A Public Roosevelt Island Copy Machine? Roosevelt Island NY Public Library Branch Now Has A Working Copy Machine

Roosevelt Island has been without a public copy machine since the closing of the Cards & Gift store in June 2015 and the Roosevelt Island NY Public Library branch copy machine being out of service since last summer.

Resident Helen Chirivas asked earlier this week:

Does anybody know if the new photocopy machine ever arrived at the library?
The answer is yes. Roosevelt Island now has a working public copy machine

at the Roosevelt Island NY Public Library branch.

Ms. Chirivas adds:
Additional question: If I'm not mistaken, both the stationery store and the hardware store used to offer fax service. Although most of us do not use fax service anymore - given that most of us have computers/tablets/smart phones and so forth, there may be some of us who do not, or cannot afford, to own a computer, subscribe to an internet provider service and so forth. Both the stationery store & the hardware store closed.

Does anyone know if there is any public fax service on RI? If not, is this something that could be provided by the library - as a courtesy to those who do not have computers/scanners, and so forth?