Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Update - Bubble Tea Cafe Coming But Cafe/Juice Bar And Mexican Restaurant Not Opening This Summer - Trellis/Nisi Will Open But No Date Known

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Real Estate Advisory Committee received a Main Street Retail update yesterday from Master Leaseholder Hudson Related representative Alexandra Kaplan (full audio web cast of meeting here).

Ms Kaplan reported that a Bubble Tea Cafe will open in the former Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets space. Ms Kaplan noted:

... What made this transaction move quicker is that it was a ready to go space, so we are working on making all our spaces as ready to go as possible with lights in the right places and where when you turn on a switch, lights come on. A potential tenant can walk in and see the vision of what it can become and not see a daunting amount of work....
Ms Kaplan added that the planned Mexican restaurant Onda (548 Main Street) and Cafe/Juice Bar (503 Main Street) are in design and getting ready to start work. Neither will be ready to open this summer.

About Trellis/Nisi, Ms Kaplan added:
... It is a story of a very good intentioned operator who has had every misfortune happen to him during this renovation process....

... He will open. It will happen.... He's put alot into this....
RIOC Director David Kraut asked:
Has anybody approached you with an idea of putting a decent bar on the Island?
Ms Kaplan replied no, but both the Mexican restaurant and Cafe/Juice Bar will have a liquor license.

Here's the discussion on stores

and the new Library and Catholic Church. The Library design is nearly complete and the Catholic Church has begun demolition.

at 504 Main Street.

UPDATE 9:55 PM - Ms Kaplan adds:
The name is BubbleCool and they expect to open later this summer.