Monday, May 1, 2017

Roosevelt Island Trellis/Nisi Restaurant May Not Re-Open, Served With Demand For Rent By Landlord Hudson Related This Evening

Roosevelt Island residents have been waiting since September 2014 for the Trellis Diner/Nisi Restaurant renovations to be completed, permits issued and the re-opening of this neighborhood institution. Renovations were expected to take 4-6 months.

Sadly, it appears that Nisi may not re-open.

Frank Farance reports spotting this Demand For Rent notice posted on Nisi's window this evening.

According to the notice, Trellis is in arrears on rent to Hudson Related Retail from December 2015 to April 2017 in the amount of $142,695.92.

I've asked representatives from Hudson Related and Trellis/Nisi for comment. Will update when info is received.

UPDATE 4/2 - Long time Roosevelt Island resident Barbara Spiegel reacts to the news:
... Trellis is a pillar of our community.

I live on RI almost 30 years. It's the place we would go after Little League games and Theater shows. They were like family. When my daughters were small they would hold my baby so I could eat, in the summer parents ate and drank outside while the kids played in the Churchyard.

They were our neighbors. It really doesn't matter if you like the design. The design didn't make Trellis it's the community that we felt while eating there that makes Trellis. That is why it's a shame if Trellis doesn't reopen. Hudson needs to give them a break. It's what community is about.
UPDATE 5/5 - Hudson Related Retail's Alexandra Kaplan told me that despite serving Demand For Rent:
We hope Nisi will open on Roosevelt Island.