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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RISA invites You To July 25 Screening For Echoes Of History Documentary - Featuring Interviews With Roosevelt Island Seniors About Life During President Franklin D. Roosevelt Era

Roosevelt Island Seniors Association (RISA) President Barbara Parker reports:

Hi Everyone,

In 2016, Four Freedoms Park Conservancy launched a new initiative that paired two high school interns from Studio in a School’s Bloomberg Arts & Culture Internship Program with a documentary filmmaker

to capture and document stories from older New Yorkers who lived during the FDR era, including members of the Roosevelt Island community.

Using an inter generational approach that introduces young historians to FDR’s policies through interviews with the people directly affected by them, these stories will not only remind people of the tremendous impact Roosevelt had on this country, but connect a younger generation to a political legacy that continues to shape their lives today.

RISA will be sharing this wonderful documentary with the community Tuesday, July 25th) from 6:30-7:30pm at the Senior Center, 546 Main Street - 12th floor Multipurpose Room.

Hope you all can join us.

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UPDATE 7/26 - Here's Echoes Of History documentary.