Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Beautiful View Of Long Island City Candela Flickering Flame Video Art Project Seen Across East River Waterfront From Roosevelt Island - And A Countdown Clock Too

Have you noticed what looks like a brightly lit candle flame flicker across the East River from Roosevelt Island in Long Island City and wonder what it was?

Image Courtesy of Plaxall

The Flickering Candle is a video projection art project by artist Andrew Ratcliff which he named Candela. Mr. Ratcliff shares these images and reports:

Candela is a permanent video projection art project I did in Long Island City, NY. It was made possible by the support of Matthew Quigley & Paula Kirby of Plaxall, Inc.

You can see Candela's flame flicker every night in Long Island City.

Candela is projected on a 50' brick smokestack.

Candela can best be seen from the Gantry Plaza State Park next to Anabele Basin near North Basin Road.

The video and static light projection rig is on the rooftop with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Candela was commissioned by Plaxall, a longtime family business located in Long Island City with extensive real estate holdings in the area. According to Mathew Quigley, Managing Director of Plaxall:
We are always looking for ways to collaborate with and support local artists in Long Island City. Candela is a way to capture people’s attention and reinforce the connection between art and manufacturing in our community.
A great view of the flickering Candela flame can be also be seen from Roosevelt Island's FDR Four Freedoms Park.

Images From Jason Wang, Ass't Manager Of FDR Four Freedoms Park Operations

Notice the countdown clock seen below Candela.

What do you think it is counting down?

More on Candela from artist Andrew Ratcliff's web page and here.