Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bike Riding on Roosevelt Island

A thread was started on Live Journal regarding Bike riding to Roosevelt Island. An inquiry was made asking for assistance on a bike route to Roosevelt Island from Queens.

does anyone know if there is a bike route (or what is the best bike route) to get to roosevelt island from queens? also, does the tram station have an address? there is a lot of information on how to take the tram from manhattan to the island, but not much about how to take the tram from the island to manhattan. i just want to ride it because i never have, and it seems like a big hassle to take the subway all the way into manhattan when i live close enough to ride to the roosevelt island side.

i've never ridden a bike over the queensboro bridge, is there a path? does the path let you off on roosevelt island?
An excellent answer from another Live Journal reader:
There's no bike trail, there's the 36th Ave bridge that gets you here (I love on RI). What do you need to know about the Tram? Works the same way into Manhattan as from it. :)

If you want to bike from Manhattan to RI, you use the lower level (entrance on south side of 60th St east of 2nd Ave) and bike to Queens. Then you get off in queens and go west (all the way to Vernon Blvd is best as there are a lot less lights) and go to 36th Ave (right past Con Ed plant) and make a left onto the bridge and bike to RI. There's not much room to bike here tho, better for running. I usually ride my bike into Manhattan and bike on the Greenway there. :)
More Roosevelt Island bike information from Astoria Bike:
the good news is bikes are now officially allowed on the ramp by the parking garage on Roosevelt Island. Before you were supposed to take the stinky elevator. But the ramp was always more fun and not dangerous. Just another random “bikes are bad” thing. And what’s with pissing on elevators? I mean, if you have to go, and I often do, why do it in the elevator?
I think a great bike route would be on the Promenade facing Manhattan from the northern tip of the Island by the Lighthouse all the way to Southpoint Park.

Images of the Roosevelt Island promenade and Lighthouse Park are from blogger Bento Box.