Friday, October 26, 2007

Segway Polo on Roosevelt Island

Segway Polo on Roosevelt Island from 2005.

The island looks as though it were made for Segways. It's easy to see that the few cars that are even there are not suited for the place... the streets are populated with pedestrians, roller-bladers and bicyclists (and this day, Segways). Two miles long and less than half a mile wide, yet scattered with apartment buildings, shops, and sports complexes, it is truly a microcosm of its big brother, New York City...

Being so small, the entire place is easily traversed by Segway, but moreover, everyone there loved it. Not only did we not get a single complaint/remark, but just about everyone embraced it. THIS, is a perfect place to prove the Segway as something that's practical. If even a small owner population were established on the island, the NY Seg Group is confident that the Seg would catch on to other residents rapidly. Wouldn't it be great to have such an example for Segway use/acceptance? Whenever someone were to comment that Segways aren't useful, we could simply say: "Look at Roosevelt Island!"
Whatever happened to the Segway? It was suppossed to revolutionize transportation.

Image is from Segway Chat.


Anonymous said...

Great to see people embrace the Segway. Field looks great for polo too. If you ever get to the S.F. Bay Area drop Bay Area SEG an email and come play polo with us.

christinaxio said...

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