Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's That Funky Roosevelt Island Smell? The Answer Is - Pile Of Steaming Dung

Image by Rece Reid

A reader shares this pleasant early morning sensory experience on the way to the Roosevelt Island subway:
Hello there,

A fellow Roosevelt Islander who thought you might like this photo for your blog. On the way to the subway this morning... commuters were surprised by a huge pile of steaming dung in the middle of the sidewalk! The smell was so offensive... you could smell it all the way to the subway entrance. It was right in front of the Starbucks building (don't know that address). I have attached a photo for your use if you would like. I just ask for acknowledgment for submitting the photo.
Have a great day!
I am not sure but think that the area in front of Starbucks is have some new plantings. At least I hope so and that this "Steaming Pile of Dung" is not some new weird art exhibit.

UPDATE - 5:50 - Well I guess the "Steaming Pile of Dung" was not some sort of odorous new art exhibit. It is now gone but remnants are still left on the sidewalk and the rest have been used for some new plantings on the Riverwalk Commons.

UPDATE 4/24 - RIOC President Steve Shane informs us that:
Even city folks should be able to tell the difference between "dung" which is always of animal origin and "mulch" which is almost always vegetable material.
I replied:
Thank you for the clarification between "dung" and "mulch".
I guess some of us City Folk need to join the Roosevelt Island Garden Club to learn more about such things.
Which elicited this response:
Best is to have the opportunity to have it between your toes. Then the difference is "clear".
Happy spring.
That's a nice thought for such a beautiful day - Happy Spring Everybody!