Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scenes From the Grand Re-Opening of Roosevelt Island's New Southpoint Park - A Great New East River Waterfront Park For New York City

 View Of East River/NYC Skyline From Roosevelt Island's New Southpoint Park

As reported in previous post, today was the Grand Re-Opening of Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park. Not willing to wait for the official 9 AM Park opening ceremony to take place, some biker riders and joggers got a taste of the new Southpoint Park a bit early.

Here what happened at the Grand Opening Ceremony and a peek at the new Southpoint Park.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Leslie Torres welcomed those in attendance and thanked those responsible for developing the Park

followed by New York City Council Member Jessica Lappin who gave a brief recap of the Project's history. Ms Lappin secured $4.5 million in NYC funding to help build the park.

Andy Stone, from the Trust For The Public Land (TPL), then spoke about TPL's role in developing Southpoint Park's Master Plan together with Roosevelt Island residents in order to bring more green and open space to the Island.

RIOC Director David Kraut wanted to make sure that among those being thanked for the contribution to the park's development was a former resident, Shirley Margolin.

TPL's Andy Stone then led a tour of the new park.

Some more scenes from the new Southpoint Park.

I think all those who attended the Grand Opening Ceremony were very happy that Southpoint Park has opened as will future visitors to this new East River Waterfront Park. Southpoint Park will be open from 6 AM - 9PM.

Not all of Southpoint Park is open to the public just yet. Construction is still going on at the Louis Kahn/FDR Memorial Boondoggle just south of the newly opened Southpoint Park and is expected to continue for a couple of more years.  Here are the latest renderings.

Unfortunately, it looks more like a cemetery to me than a waterfront park. What a pity that TPL's Master Plan for all of Southpoint Park, (including the area of what is now the location for the Kahn/FDR Boondoggle) was not accomplished.


Green is always good said...

It's always a bit sad that our local politicians don't have their facts straight before they speak in public. Soutpoint Park was always open to the public from dawn to dusk every day and not, as Lappin claimed, only once a year. She then said that the new park will be open 24/7? I haven't been down there, yet, but I assume the fence is gone?

That said, this whole thing reminds me of Park & Recreations on TV.

SML said...

The naive negative remarks about the FDR memorial are tiresome.  You made your point and lost the argument.  We getg it.  

Zoilita said...

Jessica Lappin was incorrect in stating that the park would be open 24/7.  I asked, and was told it would be open from about 7:00am until 10:00pm.

guest said...

I went and I was disappointed. At a cost of $4.5 million
RIOC should have been able to provide benches with backrests
in front of the toilets at the entrance/exit (maybe by saving money on fancy waste baskets)

Guestie said...

As far as I know the park has both kinds of benches - with and without backrest. I like the ones without because they are a lot more flexible and give a lot more room when you have kids with you. You can go and look out for the ones with backrest. Not sure what the bench thing has to do with how much the park cost. Sounds quite "cheap" to me.

Anonymous said...

Benches? You're actually complaining about the type of benches? Unbelievable!

Sorry, check that - on this Island, that IS believable.

morris said...

now the people in southtown can bring their nannies to the  park with the kids .

Guest said...

are you jealous you did not have a nanny or just bitter because you choose to live in a run down old apartment near the gangs? Why not try to improve your lifestyle, get the lead out and get to work. You can have anything you want, if you work hard enough! Most that live in Southtown have worked hard for their place in life, can you say that about yourself? Stop complaining and get to work both body and soul wise. Life is good, if you make it that way. 

Guest said...

I read somewhere that when Cornell or Stanford obtain the property that is now Goldwater South Campus, that it will come with a "green space"...in the back of my mind I was wondering why so many shortcuts at the new South Point Park?  Will RIOC sell the new park to the school that wins the bid on the campus? I just notice the prison like bathroom stalls, the very limitied landscaping and where is the grass in the park? Really has a baren appeal more than someplace to put your feet in the cool grass under a shade tree type of park. 

Will it be sold as Green Space to the new school, and we will be left with the masaleum that is the FDR park?

RNS said...

Wow, there are so many problems with your comment here. Do you really think "Most that live in Southtown have worked hard for their place in life" applies in general? I am no Morris here and made it quite well in my life but this ignorance that poverty is solely based on laziness and leeching off others is mind boggling.

Guest said...

Did they forget to plant grass at the new 4.5 million South Point Park? They seem to have cut a lot of corners. Why all the hills? I would not like me child play there, looks too dangerous.

Tragic said...

I think you skipped the part where it was explained that the funding was not enough to make a perfect park from the get go. Go ahead and chip in some donations and I am very sure the RIOC will be happy to put the final touches on it.

I can sense the paranoia in your posting that an incoming college campus will rob us from green spaces. Let's just not go there. Whoever gets the Goldwater campus will build buildings and landscape the outside. I doubt it is going to be a closed campus, i.e. you'll be able to use the greenery all around.

Anonymous said...

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