Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Advice For Roosevelt Islanders & A Discussion With Pediatrician Dr. Grimm On Thursday April 30

You Tube Video on Swine Flu Outbreak From CBS News

I noticed that a NYC Department of Health Swine Flu flyer was placed by the elevators of my building. The next day, I inquired of Roosevelt Island Doctors Resnick and Grimm:
The Riverwalk Buildings have placed flyers near the elevators advising residents about the NYC Health Department warnings concerning the new Swine Flu strain that has appeared in NYC.
I was wondering as local Roosevelt Island physicians if you would care to comment or provide some advice to residents on what to do to avoid catching this virus and what to do if they are feeling flu like symptoms.
Dr. Grimm replied:
... I have received some calls. So far the US cases have been mild and are sensitive to Tamiflu. In general, it is best to avoid crowded areas and only do as much traveling as is necessary. If one develops typical symptoms of flu such as fever, body aches, and terrible cold symptoms, one should seek medical advice but avoid exposing other people if possible. The city is advising against going to ERs unless one is really sick and not just out of fear. This reminds us the importance of flu shots for everyone. although the present flu shot formulation did not include the specific antigens for swine flu, I wonder if people who take the flu shot year after year may have some crossover protection. HOpe this helps a little. Kathie Grimm
And Dr. Resnick:
... If you feel sick, stay home. Wash your hands frequently. Always cough
into a tissue or your sleeve, never into the air on onto your hand.
Also, parents can discuss their health concerns with Roosevelt Island's pediatrician Dr. Kathie Grimm on Thursday April 30, 7 PM at the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery (4 River Road). Dr. Grimm is giving a talk titled, The Questions Parents Ask. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP 212*593*0750


Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, I would never want my doctor to be named Grimm. You're never going to get great news from them. It's damn near impossible.